O2 has become the second British carrier alongside EE to reveal high-speed 4G services, which are due to be launched at the end of the month. The rollout, which will at first cover London, Leeds and Bradford, will start on August 29, with a more 10 cities due to be included by the end of the year.
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4G rate strategies will begin from around ₤ 26 ($39) a month and O2 is currently offering a number of 4G-enabled phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One and the Blackberry Z10. As O2 has grabbed the 800 MHz spectrum, the new network will not work with the iPhone 5, as the device runs on various spectrums. Nevertheless, the CEO of Telefónica UK (the parent business of O2), informed the BBC that he ‘would be frankly gobsmacked if their [Apple] roadmap did not address that problem’, suggesting that future models will support the brand-new network.

Due to problems with Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator, and the delayed switch-off of the old analog tv networks (the brand-new 4G networks now operate within these frequencies), the rollout of faster LTE networks in the UK has been tormented with delays. EE, a joint subsidiary between Orange S.A. and Deutsche Telekom, was the first to roll out 4G networks back in August 2012, and its network already covers most of the UK’s major towns and cities, with enhancements being made daily.

EE has actually specified that by the end of 2014 its network will cover to 98 % of the UK populace (around 62 million individuals). The 4G auction back in February 2013, which raised around ₤ 2.3 billion ($3.5 billion) for the UK government, granted spectrum for 4G services to the 4 major UK carriers plus BT, among the biggest telecommunications operators in the UK. Both Vodafone and 3, two other British carriers, have yet launch their 4G networks, although Vodafone expects its network to go online ‘later this year’, which could well coincide with an Apple iPhone statement expected around September.