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You have been played previously. You are vulnerable and anxious about opening once again. It would not be the first time you have been lied to.

Back in 2011 we heard rumors that the iPad would be graced with Workplace’s presence in 2012, and shortly after that we saw a real picture of Workplace on an iPad. But … nothing. Then some more nothing. Till today.

The business is lastly letting Office 365 smooch up against the iPad. Steve Ballmer today exposed at a Gartner event in Florida that an iPad-friendly version of Workplace 365 is in the works. The iPad version will be released after a touch-first user interface is provided to Windows-powered devices. According to the Verge, that special touch interface is ‘in progress.’

Microsoft has already let Office partially into the iOS ecosystem with the release of Office Mobile for Workplace 365 Customers (catchy name, huh?). This application is only available to iPhone owners who already have a costly Office 365 subscription.

The Brink also claims that Microsoft COO Kevin Turner expressed the ‘have to have the productivity experience throughout all gadgets’ in a recent company conference, makings sense thinking about Workplace is among Microsoft’s best and most competitive products.

Expanding distribution of the software is wise, particularly if it coaxes individuals to spend for the pricey Workplace 365 subscription in order to access it. Wiser still would be to offer a specifically tailored variation of Office 365 on iPad and iPhone for a substantial annual cost that is not rather as high as the full-on desktop subscription.

In either case, however, Microsoft runs the risk of decreasing its own lagging tablet sales. After all, the only somewhat fascinating advantage that Surface tablets have is Microsoft’s productivity suite. After Office is rolled out to all iOS gadgets, that benefit just shrinks down to the fact that it’s complimentary on a Surface area.