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Designer Frank Costa utilizes his iPhone 6 Plus for great deals of points, yet he noticed that when keying on it one-handed, the composition of his thumb usage wasn’t as ergonomic as it can be.

Costa chose to make a brand-new type of keyboard for the thumbs, one that would only require you to touch then move your thumb a short range far from anywhere you touched. This would require much less stretch and also – maybe – less tension on the thumb joints.

‘So, being a designer,’ Costa writes on Tool, ‘I had fun with the suggestion of a keyboard thought (out) for the thumb. A keyboard requiring only a solitary tap and also some short swiping to build words and sentences.’

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The idea is that you simply have to put your thumb down when, and also after that wipe only as far as your thumb normally does so, preventing the stretches related to one-thumb usage of the typical iPhone keyboard.

Costa understands that this idea will not address all the issues with the present way of doing points, and that it’s super tough of getting individuals to do points differently.

‘The key-board is a complex and multi faceted obstacle and also as attentively designed as several of the new options out there could be,’ he writes, ‘the hardest challenge stays: the change from the tradition model we’re so made use of to into a brand-new one.’

He believes that voice will probably be the means we fix issues with key-boards, however still has good times designing different input techniques in the meantime.

Be sure to visit to his post on Medium of getting the complete story on exactly how – and why – Costa developed this great concept.