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You could have heard the reports that Apple could be getting rid of the headset jack on the apple iphone to push forward the wonderful world of wireless listening. Amazing, right?

Well, hold on.

First off, as each typical, Apple has claimed nothing to confirm or deny this, so it’s merely a rumor. Still, we’re treated with confusing headlines like this:

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This complication is creating a little bit of an outcry from individuals that do not wish to have to get brand-new headsets and also hardware to support the future generation of Apple’s phone. There’s a petition with over 200,000 electronic signatures asking Apple to maintain the jack as it is:

Apple is about to dupe each of its clients. Again.

Forbes and also FastCompany are reporting that Apple intends to ditch the standard 3.5 mm headset jack when it launches the iPhone 7 later this year. Only a substantial global campaign can require Apple to transform program now.

Not only will this pressure apple iphone customers to administer additional money to change their hi-fi earphones, it will singlehandedly develop hills of digital waste– that most likely won’t obtain recycled. According to the United Nations, approximately 90 % of the world’s electronic waste is illegally traded or discarded each year.

Tell Apple to appreciate its clients as well as our world. Maintain the typical headset jack.

This is ideal out of the Apple company playbook. A few years ago it exchanged out the initial iPod-dock connector with a new one, making many cables, cords as well as chargers obsolete.

Apple highlights its green qualifications, but the truth is that Apple only purchased renewable energy, as well as started eliminating toxic chemicals when public stress ended up being too strong to overlook. People power did it previously, as well as we could do it again.

Tell Apple to keep the conventional earphone jack and ditch planned obsolescence!

Again, these are just rumors. They could even be place on, yet up until Apple does something, we do not recognize anything. And well, the Net loves dramatization as well as individuals enjoy to sign applications. I question that this will generate a reaction from the mothership, yet these individuals certain wish their cries are heard.

Personally? Kill all cables, I cannot stand them. Hey, try as well as #SaveJack if you like.