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Pac-Man is an example of gamer nostalgia, and Hipster Whale (the dynamic duo behind runaway hit Crossy Road) has actually developed one of the very best spin-offs yet: Pac-Man 256.

Better yet, it appears like the free-to-play unlimited runner orgasm dot muncher is currently readily available on your high-def living area screen via the Apple TV itself.

While many Pac-Man sequels have been quite awful, Pac-Man 256 obtains it right, much like the admired Pac-Man CE did a few years back. This, however, is an extensive upgrade, as Pac-Man and his ghosty adversaries have actually totally accepted the free-to-play period. Hipster Whale refined its chops with the impressive Crossy Road, a riff on classic arcade Frogger, making them a lots of cash in the process.

Pac-Man 256 hasn’t been as a lot a success on iOS for the young startup, though it’s undoubtedly doing well sufficient to generate an action to Apple TV. Dealing with Bandai Namco to bring the venerable little yellow superstar to the mobile and also Apple TV audience can’t have hurt, either.

What outcomes is an online game that doesn’t just trade on nostalgia, though that may be just what brings most gamers right into the outdoor tents. What will keep them there is, initially, the familiar gameplay: relocate your Pac-Man through a retro-tastic puzzle, chewing dots and staying clear of ghostly baddies, until you find a pellet to transform them all blue. Consume ’em up!

Once you overcome the enjoyable of simply jammin’ out to the Pac-Man soundtrack, you’ll observe that Hipster Whale has actually tossed in some brand-new lines, too, like power ups and credit ratings. Beginning a video game with power ups made it possible for and you’ll run over lasers, freeze pills, and so on to make your run upwards with an ever-glitching unlimited runner variation of the acquainted Pac-Man labyrinth a little simpler. Grab credits in the maze also. When you catch one of the evil ghosts, you can invest a credit history to proceed from that point.

Here’s a fast video of the online game at work on iOS/Android:

It’s solid fun on the cinema, too, as well as though the Siri Remote provided me some issues with reliability, it’s mainly great-just swipe left, right, up or to browse your little yellow chomp master around the puzzle. Including a third-party controller like the really superb SteelSeries Nimbus fully upped my video game, however, so if you have one, make certain to give it a try.

Pac-Man 256 on the Apple TELEVISION is a terrific means to spend an afternoon with your youngsters, too, trading off the controller after every fatality to take part in high-score difficulties. It’s free to download, and also there’s just very little support to invest cash through in-app acquisitions, though it’s always good to go down developers of video games you like a little cash now and also then.

Thanks, Jeff!

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