Panic, the business behind the popular file management app Transmit for Mac, has plans to bring Transmit to iOS in the near future, making the most of numerous new functions introduced with iOS 8. Currently in beta, the Transmit iOS app provides a look at some of the remarkable things both developers and end users will certainly be able to do with Apple’s new operating system.

Aside from providing access to files on servers, Transmit likewise acts as a local file repository that can be accessed by other iOS apps.
transmit3Transmit iOS’s interface
Transmit iOS likewise maximizes the ‘Extensibility’ choices bundled into iOS 8, specifically the ‘Share’ extension that permits apps to quickly share content with other apps. When installed, Transmit iOS can be accessed in any share sheet in iOS, and made use of to save any kind of file straight to an FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3 server or to local storage within the app.

For example, selecting Transmit iOS from the Share sheet in Safari lets an HTML page be conserved to a server. Selecting Transmit iOS in an app like Evernote or Byword will permit a text file to be uploaded, while selecting the upload alternative in a photo app like Snapseed lets users conserve an image directly to their personal servers using Transmit iOS.
transmitSaving an image from Snapseed directly to an FTP server using Transmit
With share sheet support, submitting a file to a server through Transmit iOS is as easy as submitting a file to a cloud storage service like Dropbox, and it works in quite a few third-party apps in addition to pre-installed apps.
Transmit iOS likewise serves as a ‘File Picker,’ meanings that it can be made use of in supported apps to open files stored straight off of a server. For instance, a Pages file kept on a server can be opened straight in the Pages app on iOS through Transmit iOS, and any changes made in iOS to that file will certainly be saved to the initial file in Transmit iOS.
transmit2Pages file on server with choice to open in Pages app
Transmit iOS, like Transmit for Mac, is a full featured file management app. Users can link to several servers, conserve preferred servers, upload files making use of drag and drop, erase content, move content, replicate files, and quickly shift files in between regional storage and an offered server. The app’s local storage alternative likewise permits it to keep documents from other apps directly on the gadget.
Transmit iOS consists of support for Touch ID, permitting users to protect the app with a fingerprint. A passcode lock is likewise available on gadgets that don’t have access to Touch ID, ensuring that all content continues to be safe and access to servers is limited.

As can be seen in Transmit iOS, iOS 8 is going to enable a variety of beneficial features that haven’t previously been possible with iOS, and thus far, we are just scraping the surface of exactly what developers are going to bring to the operating system with the new APIs.

Panic plans to release Transmit for iOS 8 after iOS 8 becomes available to the general public on September 17.