The basic Songs app on my iPhone has always been one of my favored iPhone apps. It does exactly what it does really well. Let us be honest, for many of us, it was most likely the reason we got an iPhone or iPod Touch to begin with in the very early days. For many years however, there have actually been a great deal of modifications to the app. With iOS 6, Apple gave the Songs app a big visual overhaul with a great deal of chrome (which, for the record, looks terrible on anything smaller sized than the iPhone 5′s taller display). But there’s not a great deal of new functionality to go with it.

iTunes for Mac, on the various other hand, got a ton of new functionality last year. There’s absolutely no comparison. For all its flaws, iTunes is still the very best songs player I know of for OS X. It’s a powerful jukebox. Among my preferred attributes from last year’s enormous upgrade was Up Next, a function that lets you add any track and play it next before returning to your present playlist. I cannot tell you how helpful this attribute has been at my residence parties. The iOS Songs app still doesn’t have this feature (or numerous others). Party Monster aims to repair that.

Shuffling Your Party Up

Setting up Party Beast is remarkably easy. When you boot up the app, you get to select a playlist you want to shuffle. I have got hundreds of tracks and only put a couple thousand on my iPhone, so I just informed the app to shuffle every one of my songs. After that, your music is immediately mixed and put into a list.

I just added a playlist and was good to go.

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I simply added a playlist and was excellent to go.

Instantly, I am reminded of the DJ feature on iTunes. Taking a quick glance at the list, I understand I am not going to want to hear a few of this music. However I do love The Beatles, and ‘Come Together’ is the 3rd track in the list. Naturally, I wish to listen to that song right now, so I slide over the song to the right to begin the track.

As ‘Come Together’ is playing, I undergo the rest of the list. I see a track from a Dexter soundtrack, and I am not in the mood. To knock it off the playlist, I swipe to the left. The Dexter track is gone, and the app instantly adds another track to the playlist.

You can browse by artist, songs, or albums.

You can search by artist, tracks, or albums.

I discover myself suddenly in the mood to hear ‘Rolling In The Deep’ by Adele, though. I don’t question these things, so I hit the little Plus button on my iPhone and look for the song in my songs collection. With a tap, it’s added to my playlist. I wish to listen to it right away however, so I swipe the tune title to the right. The app crossfades ‘Come Together’ and ‘Rolling In The Deep’ so the track modification is not jarring at all, and I am listening to Adele.

This is awesome.

The Interface Details

I’ll be honest with you: Party Monster looks a little plain. It’s not always a bad thing, because the interface is pretty straightforward, but there’s not a lot of glitz. That being said, it’s extremely functional and easy to utilize. There’s an ethereal feeling to swiping your tracks to play them or eliminate them that’s a little addictive.

It's this simple. Black Swan is playing. Slide to play a song or remove it.

It’s this simple. Black Swan is playing. Slide to play a song or remove it.

And the point of the interface is that it’s addicting. I throw the occasional celebration, and I’ve individuals over. Tossing this up from my iPhone to my Apple TV is great, and letting individuals pick exactly what they wish to hear is outstanding. But this is addictive even for individual use. It’s great for the gym if you take place to bring your iPhone there.

There are little touches that make me actually like using it. The lock screen becomes more practical, exposing the next few songs that are coming up. You cannot alter the playlist up from the lock screen, however it’s good to understand what’s coming. Pausing the track likewise slowly fades it out. It’s a lot less of a jarring musical experience.

I am the biggest fan of this lock screen.

I am the most significant fan of this lock display.

And that’s definitely a part of the user interface: how you hear the songs amounts how you communicate with it. Playing around with the app is an entirely various experience than making use of the stock Music app. It may be easier and it may not be as chrome-filled as the regular Songs app, but in some ways, it can be a much better listening experience.

Getting More Specific

I’ll state that you can tell this was made with the iPad in mind. The user interface breathes a lot better. On the iPad, your music library is far more visible and it becomes a lot easier to choose exactly what you want to hear next.

The iPhone setup, of course, feels a little more individual. It’s still easy enough to make use of, however the iPad was meant to be shared at a party. The iPhone seems like it’s been set up to be used at the gym.

Keeping Nickelback out of my party is easy, which some people will find useful and others are likely to find just humorous.

Keeping Nickelback out of my celebration is simple, which some individuals will discover beneficial and others are most likely to discover just humorous.

The Settings in the app let you readjust a couple of things, like the crossfade in between songs or the skip, which is wonderful. But there’s likewise a cheeky little setting to make sure Nickelback is never played. I love that. Even if you like Nickelback, it still includes a personal (and humorous) touch to the app. It seems like it was made and coded by genuine people. And it was: the app is constructed totally on open-source code. It’s a big accomplishment.

What It’s Missing

Here’s exactly what I’ll say: I wish I might utilize this as my major songs player, however I cannot. The trouble is that I cannot un-shuffle music. If I wish to pay attention to the new record from The National (which is spectacular, by the means), I cannot choose to hear the entire thing in the appropriate track order due to the fact that songs are organized alphabetically instead of by track order. It’s a pet peeve that will not affect everyone, however I am noting it regardless because I understand some individuals will be dissatisfied.

My Final Thoughts

People like swiping on touch screens, and this app is a terrific excuse to swipe your music. Party Beast is everything its title implies, and it truly sings with Airplay Speakers. It can’t replace the Music app, but if you need a simple way to manage a playlist at a celebration, Party Beast is by far the best means to go.