While much of the wearables focus remains on the upcoming Apple Watch launch, Stone continuouslies press onward with its own smartwatch platform that started as a record-setting Kickstarter project and also has progressed into an effective company. Stone CEO Eric Migicovsky just recently went over the firm’s extensive prepare for new equipment in the upcoming year, along with a few information of Pebble’s thriving 2014, in an interview with The Verge.

Reaching a turning point for the company, Stone shipped its one millionth Pebble smartwatch on December 31, 2014, definitely thanks to a few major cost drops to its crown jewel products and also the introduction of noteworthy applications into the device last year. As The Verge mentions, Pebble’s largest rival in 2014 was Google’s Android Wear device variety, however both will certainly be encountering substantial competitors come this April when the Apple Watch introduces to the public.
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Migicovsky is unfazed by the imminent release of the Apple Watch, nevertheless, detailing just how Stone’s line of tools intended for launch this year will deal much less with the app-obsessed world most gadgets concentrate on, rather supplying something substantially new compared to any sort of smartwatch on the market.

‘We’ve located a new structure to utilize as an interaction design on the watch,’ boasts Migicovsky, prior to bring in that while applications will remain to already existing on Pebble, they won’t be the major concentration of the system. ‘It doesn’t look like just what we have today, and it does not appear like what’s on your smartphone.’

Migicovsky sticks mostly to mentioning Pebble’s successful year – such as the company greater than doubling by year’s end its 400,000 devices marketed since March – compared to providing meaningful specifics on new products appearing of the company. He tells The Verge followers will have to wait up until ‘later on this year’ for even more specifics on the firm’s upcoming devices.

Pebble’s unflinching attitude towards its upcoming battle with the Apple Watch drops in line with previous actions the company has taken when it comes to Apple’s new wearable. When Apple announced the Apple Watch last September, Pebble updated its internet site with a couple of related zingers – targeting electric battery life, rate, as well as over-enthusiastic reactions – focuseded on its rivals, namely Apple.