The desire to keep returning after one good shot is innate within the player. The much better shots appealed the course will provide a quicker and more satisfying round. Can an iPhone rise the chances of striking an excellent shot? I definitely think so. About a year back, I looked at Golfshot GPS and provided it high marks. It was an app which I’d used for over 3 years and absolutely made my repayment of $30.00.

Well, the Shotzoom team is back with a new app called PGA TOUR Caddie. The team used their inner core of Golfshot GPS and added a brand-new interface with new features to make it a true golfer’s companion. Using the PGA TOUR in the name of the app definitely it must be great, right? Keep reading on to discover if it determines up to par.

Getting Started

If you’re previous Golfshot GPS individual and have a Golfshot account, PGA TOUR Caddie will accept your login credentials and sync down every one of your Golfshot data. After the sync, information from the last few rounds is offered for testimonial from the homescreen. The two main areas are Play Golf and Academy.

The homescreen offers quick access to each of your previous rounds while TOUR Academy offers tailored drills in the areas you need it most help.

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The homescreen provides fast access to each of your previous rounds while TRIP Academy provides customized drills in the locations you need it most assist.

Play Golf is where you’ll invest most of your time. This is where you can keep score and track shot distances. Selecting the academy option exposes the choice to view over 175 drills based on five areas of the game. If you’ve information offered either by previous Golfshot task or by playing a couple of rounds, the academy demonstrates how you compare to other individuals based upon your handicap. From there you can see exactly what drills and locations of the game would be most valuable for you to finish. The academy isn’t cost-free, though. While the app is complimentary, to acquire access to the drills requires a $9.99 annual subscription. I think it’s a really reasonable rate for the plethora of drills and data you are obtaining.

Play Golf

When it’s time to play golf, the app will load the golf links closest to your area and type by the distance the course is far from you. When choosing a course you can choose what tee you’re playing from and get in any other players whose rating you’d like to keep up with.

You can track the rating of up to 8 players. If you’d such as to track statistics for secondary players too, the option can be made it possible for in the settings.

On each hole, distances are presented with the hole's layout. A hole preview is also available which offers a moving preview.

On each hole, distances exist with the hole’s layout. A hole preview is likewise available which offers a relocating preview.

Once the round is started, a listing of each hole is given and selecting hole one reveals distances on the entrusted a preview visual of the hole on the right. The very best feature of PGA TRIP Caddie is the hole previews. Previewing a hole provides an animation of the hole while showing the pattern and bends of the hole. To the ordinary person this may not seem that advantageous, however for any golf player who’s actually ever played on an unfamiliar course, it can be a life saver. Golf course designers will leave techniques in the course for the inexperienced player. Seeing an actual sneak peek takes the assumption work out of where exactly the green is located. Likewise, various other golf GPS apps will provide a design of the course but I’ve actually not seen anything that offers as clear as an image as the Hole Sneak peek offers.

Manual mode is available if you'd like to preview your own path to the hole. Shot tracking is also available to see how far that drive actually went.

Manual mode is available if you’d such as to sneak peek your very own path to the hole. Shot tracking is also readily available to see how far that drive in fact went.

Now you might be questioning with a name like PGA TRIP Caddie, where does the caddie come in? The good news is, a digital caddie doesn’t turn up into view but rather the app suggests clubs and paths to play the hole. Within the setups of the app you can set if your caddie must be conservative or aggressive. Setting aggressive will recommend cutting corners on doglegs and take more aggressive lines to the hole. The caddie function is nice and works apparently well, but I want it was advanced. For instance, I want I could rate my self-confidence with each club and the app can analyze that confidence with each referral. This would help for those scenarios when I may be striking into a tight circumstance. After assessing my distance and self-confidence, the app could recommend the proper club for the situation.

Club distances are stored within the app in order to obtain accurate caddie projections.

Club distances are kept within the app in order to acquire accurate caddie projections.

The other element of the caddie is it’ll suggest clubs based upon previous distances hit. These distances can be by hand gotten in or will be learned as you track shots throughout your round. The app likewise tracks your equipment and pulls in pictures of your clubs. Clubs can be retired as you gain new equipment and update your bag.

No Foot Wedges on the Scorecard

Once you’ve completed the hole, PGA TRIP Caddie will also keep rating. Entering your score is easy but getting to display to enter it’s not. Navigating in the app is done with gesture swipes, however I am unsure this portion of the app was really tested on the course. How’d you picture swiping would do with a golf glove on? If you are thinking not well, you’re right. I wish an arrow was readily available to be able to tap to the scorecard due to the fact that trying to get a swipe to recognize with a glove on or while sweating isn’t an easy task.

Entering your score after each hole is easy thanks to the scroll wheels. Entering all of the options, such as fairways hit, keeps your stats up to date.

Entering your rating after each hole is simple thanks to the scroll wheels. Getting in every one of the options, such as fairways hit, keeps your stats up to date.

Once you get to the rating input screen, entering your score is easy thanks to scroll wheels. You can enter your score, if you hit the fairway or not, sand, and penalty shots. Turning your phone horizontal reveals a complete scorecard revealing stats and ratings for players.


The Shotzoom group took what they learned from Golfshot GPS app made it even better. The design and hole sneak peeks make this app a joy to utilize. The Shotzoom team also executed a brand-new price choice for the app which is free! That stated, in order to use all features of the app you’ve to pay a $29.99 annual fee. The features that are consisted of within yearly subscription include real-time distance to all crucial dangers and targets, on-the-spot club recommendations based upon game efficiency, club referrals on 3-D flyover in hole sneak peek, and the ability to zoom in on target areas. I think the rate is more than fair, however I know some individuals will be shut off due to the high nature. In order to get you addicted, the app allows you to make use of the app totally free for 30 days.

If you’ve been looking amp up your golf game this summer, then you need to look no additional than PGA TRIP Caddie.