The Verge reports that Philips is adding new items to Color, its line of iOS-controlled LED light bulbs. The brand-new products consist of ‘LightStrips’, which are two-meter pieces of LED-inclusive tape that can be utilized to go around and highlight particular components in the house, and ‘Bloom’, a portable lamp powered by an LED bulb.

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As with the initial Hue, both items can be controlled with a free of cost iOS app to change attributes such as color and brightness, with an offered output of 16 million possible colors. Both products also require the Philips Hue cordless bridge, which comes as a part of the Philips Shade starter pack. From Philips’ German website [Google translation] on the business’s initial LightStrips:

In producing the right environment at home in some cases the tiniest modifications can make a huge difference. Philips offers lighting solutions that you can develop terrific results with subtle light results and colors. See Philips Living Colors, candlelights and LightStrips playful and are easy to utilize. Elegant design combined with LED-based innovation develops state of mind lighting with which you can create exactly the right atmosphere.

The Philips Shade LightStrips are priced at $89.95 and the Philips Hue Bloom is priced at $79.95. They sign up with the Philips Color Starter Pack that includes 3 LED bulbs and the Shade wireless bridge, a bundle which presently costs $199.95. Similar to the initial Hue, both products will initially be offered solely through the Apple Retail Store and Apple Online Shop.