Philips today increased its Shade lighting schedule with the launch of the Philips Tone Lightstrip Plus, which includes brand-new white illumination options to the multicolored mood lights introduced with the original Philips Tone Lightstrip.
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Like the first LightStrip, the brand-new Lightstrip Plus is a two-meter LED-studded adhesive-backed strip that could be utilized behind tvs, under desks, as well as much more, as state of mind lighting within the residence. The new Lightstrip Plus is an improved variation of the Lightstrip, adding brighter, tunable white light along with the 16 million color choices of the original.
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As an indirect source of light, Philips Shade Lightstrip Plus can be placed throughout the the home of enhance and improve already existing Philips Hue lights, providing a uniformed shade. Self-adhesive and easy to install, location along all-time low of a hallway deciding on a lovely shade of white light to create a sense of spaciousness, left coving high up the walls of an area to wash the whole space with light immediately changing its appearance and also really feel, or line along racks and closets to add a fashionable touch of ambience to match a mood or moment.

The Lightstrip Plus gauges in at 1,600 lumens, as well as the brand-new version enables a number of strips to be chained together to get to a length of as much as 10 meters. Just like the very first variation, the Lightstrip Plus can be cut and angled as had to match into any type of area, and it could be controlled together with other Shade lights with the Color app.
The Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus will certainly be available for purchase in North America starting in October. It is priced at $89.95 for a two meter strip, with one meter expansion strips offered for $29.95.