Plants vs. Zombies 2, which has been delayed until July 18 in the United States, is currently readily available for download from the New Zealand and Australian App Stores.

Allen Murray, the game’s senior producer, spoke to Polygon today to discuss that the company chose to soft launch in New Zealand and Australia in order to test features like server security and prices.

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‘With Plant kingdoms vs. Zombies 2 we are benefiting from a lot of newer technologies,’ Murray explained. ‘If you are connected to the internet, you can save your progress and share accounts throughout numerous gadgets– and we need to make certain those systems, in addition to our capacity to stream that material to players, works.’

Plants vs. Zombies 2 makes use of cloud conserving and is slated to be complimentary with in-app investments. According to Murray, PopCap prepares to check and monitor player buying behavior to make pricing adjustments ahead of the game’s bigger launch. Players will likely see rates fluctuations for content, which will consist of premium plants and coin packs that can be used for buying power-ups and upgrades.

‘Our viewpoint is to not be heavy-handed and extremely soft in our strategy,’ Murray stated. ‘Anybody with sufficient time and ability can unlock all material. But we’ve an one-of-a-kind difficulty because the game is extensively loved– by kids and grandparents, laid-back players and hardcore players, and everyone in between. It’s a challenge to make something that’ll work for all audiences.’

Gamers in New Zealand and Australia can download the app immediately from the App Shop for free, while U.S. players will have to wait until later this month. Our sister site TouchArcade has gone hands on with the game and has a demo readily available for individuals who desire an early peek at Plant kingdoms vs. Zombies 2.