With Apple Pay’s launch likely simply days or possibly weeks away, ‘card tech’ start-up Plastc today revealed its plans for its new digital wallet, changing credit cards, debit cards, RFID gain access to cards, present cards and even more. On paper, Plastc assures to go above and beyond rival Coin, offering an expanded set of features that are better enhanced for today’s brand-new cordless mobile payment future.
The Plastc card allows users to store up to 20 cards or barcodes on its internal flash memory and ships with a companion iOS Wallet app that lets users handle the card. Plastc resembles a conventional 0.8-millimeter-thick charge card, however it showcases an eInk touchscreen display for selecting kept material, Bluetooth to link to an iPhone, rewritable RFID, and support for payment technologies such as magnetic stripes, NFC, and EMV chip and PIN. It likewise includes cordless induction charging and a remote clean feature that lets users erase the card in case of theft or loss.

Though its function set is impressive, Plastc will be competing with the upcoming Apple Pay, which is scheduled to launch this month with broad industry support. Apple has worked on Apple Pay with all 3 major credit card business, several significant banks, and a range of retail partners such as Macy’s, Walgreens, McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Disney and others.
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Despite this competitive hazard, Plastc COO Ryan Marquis informed The Verge that he is optimistic about the business’s future.

‘Eventually a cloud-based digital wallet will certainly be the winner,’ says Marquis, ‘however with our innovation, we can allow customers to construct a digital wallet making use of a form aspect that they’re utilized to today.’ Marquis says there are still lots of utilize cases where we need physical cards like subway ticketing machines, ATMs, and gas pumps. ‘I will certainly use Apple Pay because it’s easy and simple, but there are a lot of use cases in our world where I’m still going to need a physical card,’ he states. ‘There are numerous things that point-of-sale devices just aren’t all set for yet.’

Just like Coin which was announced last year and has yet to ship, Plastc is available now only for pre-order. The card costs $155 and is expected to deliver next summer.