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Everybody loves a great Siri Easter egg, however they typically aren’t constantly ‘ha-ha’ funny.

The city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, has obviously seen some severe after effects back the current viral ‘Ask Siri regarding …’ trend.

If you state ‘Okay, Google’ to Siri, or ask it what the fox claims, you’re getting something amusing – or a minimum of funny-ish – in return. Apple’s digital aide comes preprogrammed with a bunch of reactions both foolish as well as earnest. However if you ask Siri concerning the 9/11 terrorist assaults, as current articles on social media have suggested, the only thing that takes place is that your phone will call 911 unexpected emergency solutions. And the CBC reports that this has actually created a spate of undesirable hangup calls in Regina that bind cops resources.

‘The Regina Cops Solution has a request for apple iphone users after an unusually high number of 9-1-1 hang-up phones call to the Communications Centre over the weekend,’ a press release from the Regina Police Solution says. ‘The messages on Twitter, Facebook, and also various other social media sites urge people with a teaser like, ‘State 9/11 right into Siri as well as you’ll be surprised,’ or ‘When you say 9/11 to Siri, her feedback is funny. The feedback isn’t really humorous. Just what happens next is.’

We have actually been able to find a few circumstances of this sucker-bait online (e.g. ‘If you take place siri & say 9/11 it reveals you the weirdest thing …’ on one Tumblr web page and this haplessness on Yahoo Answers). It’s difficult to claim how prevalent or usual it’s been. All we understand is that it’s been a large adequate issue that the Regina Cops felt compelled to issue a news release.

When one accidentally dial 911 and also an operator answers, their very first impulse is possibly to hang up. The operator has to verify every phone call to make certain they typically aren’t missing out on any kind of actual emergencies. This indicates that they have to call back and also inspect to view if the individual that was merely asking a robot for information on a horrifying nationwide catastrophe has been stabbed or something. As well as this ties up resources.

‘The Regina Cops Service is asking individuals to be mindful of the effects of this most recent fad,’ the declaration ends. ‘We are lucky, so far, that there have not been genuine 911 emergency situations where assistance has actually been delayed. Please, choose to be a good resident as well as don’t ask Siri about 9/11.’