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With the brand-new apple iphone SE as well as 9.7-inch iPad Pro announced, it was a huge week for Apple. It’s additionally been a good seven days for programmers, with a slew of super-awesome applications getting there in the Application Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Whether you’re looking for a great performance device for remaining on top of activity administration, a fantastic port of an arcade classic, or the best weather condition app for Apple TELEVISION, inspect out our ‘app of the week’ picks below.

What better means to spend your Sunday?

Pac-Man Champion Version DX

There’s something weirdly round regarding seeing games I bear in mind playing for the first time on a tv collection come complete circle and also wind up back on our TELEVISION screens. Remain week I discussed SEGA’s traditional Sonic the Hedgehog, and also today we’re getting back also further in time with the arrival of Pac-Man Championship Version DX in the Apple TV App Store.

As my associate Evan Killham expressions it, this ‘TELEVISION version of the follow up to the mobile port of the console remix of the timeless gallery title’ originally hit iOS back in July, however its arrival on Apple TV is certainly worth dropping a couple of dollars on. The game lets you play with 132 various labyrinths, with a total of 10 zones and also 3 different video game methods to be explored.

There are a lot of variations of Pac-Man available, but this is definitely one of the best.

Available for: Apple TV
Cost: $4.99
Get it from: Apple TV App Store

Pomodoro Time Pro

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This article is given you by Pomodoro Time Pro.

Staying on task, it seems, is a genuine difficulty for our screen-bound generation. The Pomodoro Strategy has actually been around for years, separating individual jobs into distinct, 25-minute intervals divided by time-outs. it’s a remarkably efficient way to preserve motivation and also emphasis. Pomodoro Time Pro brings this approach to mobile devices as well as Macs, as well as it’s a terrific fit.

Pomodoro Time Pro collaborates with iOS and also OS X, making it simple to create pomodoros – the specific job periods – and automatically track your progress using routinely generated files. The periods, schedules and all other elements are fully customizable, so you could establish up the application in a way that helps you.

Spend a couple of days separating your tasks as well as setting micro-deadlines, as well as you’ll be impressed exactly how easily as well as quickly you can set up and remove objectives. Everything is synced in between devices, so it’s an operations that can be conveniently as well as flawlessly embraced. And now, for a limited time, you could get 60 percent off the regular rate – merely one even more reason you ought to give Pomodoro Time Pro a try.

Available for: apple iphone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Mac
Cost: $0.99 for iOS, $1.99 for OS X
Get it from: iOS Application Store or Mac App Store



Onshape’s brand-new app allows iOS customers accomplish full-on 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modeling utilizing absolutely nothing greater than their iPhone.

While the app is also offered for iPhone, it’s at its best on the iPad Pro – where the Apple Pencil device can be made use of as a special drawing/zooming tool that’ll change the means you execute 3D strong modeling.

“A large percentage of our specialist clients are heavy mobile individuals,” states Onshape founder and Chairman Jon Hirschtick. “Apple Pencil offers itself magnificently to a two-handed workflow. You can revolve or pan a vehicle with one hand and also use Pencil to sketch, select as well as communicate with your 3D vehicles. Onshape as well as iPad Pro will transform the means engineers work.”

iPad Pro users also have the capacity to make use of Split View to search for specifications from a vendor catalog, while working with a design at the same time.

Available for: iPad, iPhone
Get it from: App Store

Forecast Bar


There are some fantastic weather condition applications out there, but if you’re trying to find one with the perfect interface for Apple TELEVISION might we recommend Forecast Bar. We reviewed Projection Bar for Mac back in September, and also heartily endorsed its down-to-the-minute rainfall forecasts and huge selection of features.

The main selling factor of Forecast Bar for Apple TELEVISION is that it supports To your house display widgets. This implies that, should you position Projection Bar in your Apple TELEVISION’s first row of applications, it provides you a take a look at the weather report for your most lately watched areas without you also having to open it. You can see present temperature and problems, plus the day’s high, low, chance of rainfall as well as more – making it unbelievably helpful for revealing you the weather at a glance.

Open up the full application and Forecast Bar shows the current climate and also seven-day forecast over beautiful scenes from nature. We’ve tried numerous apps for Apple TV as well as few resembled this amount of information. The app is also greatly adjustable – with loads of languages, a 24-hour clock, colored symbols (rather than monochrome), still photo backgrounds as opposed to videos, as well as also a dark theme reminiscent of OS X’s dark theme.

In short, it’s certainly worth your time!

Available for: iPad, iPhone
Cost: $4.99
Get it from: Apple TV App Store