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Promising users access to as numerous totally free motion pictures as they really wanted through a torrent-streaming web site, Snacks Time’s newly-launched web application was as pleasant as a bag of snacks – as well as lasted around as long.

Launching simply recently, Popcorn Time on Your Web browser’s servers were obviously overwhelmed as the site went viral quicker compared to any person had anticipated.

Yes, a site offering first class streaming Hollywood films for no cash whatsoever proved preferred – we’re stunned too!

In a notification published on the web site, the developers of Snacks Time on Your Browser create that:

Popcorn in Your Web browser disappears. It depended on the free trial of distant torrenting solution Coinado.io, which I utilized to stream YIFY gushes to an HTML5 video production tag. This website went viral and appears to have totally bewildered Coinado’s servers, which in turn promptly ceased the free trial.:–RRB- It was good times while it lasted – cheers!

Whether this actually is completion of Popcorn Time’s internet app stays to be seen. Just like Pirate Bay, the solution explained as “Netflix for pirates” has actually shown an unusual amount strength because it first released in 2014 as an app for Mac, Apple TV and, later on, iOS.

For now, that noise you hear on the wind is most likely champagne flutes clinking in Hollywood, though.