Popular messaging app WhatsApp Messenger is being upgraded with one-tap voice messaging, permitting users who’ve difficult-to-type languages to connect with each other throughout various platforms.
WhatsApp has been working with the function for about six months, wanting to make voice messaging simpler and much easier to utilize than various other apps with the functionality, CEO Jan Koum informed AllThingsD in an interview.

With the updated WhatsApp, an individual pushes to tape-record a message rather than type one. When she releases, the message sends out. If she decides not to send, she swipes to the left and the recording is deleted. All that’s developed into a single tap.

Other rewards of the brand-new voice messaging attribute consist of no length restriction on tape-recorded messages and volume controls that immediately adjust based upon ambient impacts. For example, when paying attention to a voice message, the volume will fluctuate based on how close a gadget is to the individual’s ear. In addition, a blue microphone picture notifies the sender when a voice message has been heard.

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Koum says the brand-new voice messaging feature is beneficial to individuals who speak complex languages, like Russian with its 33-letter alphabet, due to the fact that those languages are more difficult to type on a little touchscreen. Rather, those individuals can select even more easy voice messages to interact with each other.

WhatsApp Messenger was just upgraded in mid-July, turning the $0.99 app into a free of cost app with a $1-a-year subscription. WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone is available in the App Store free of cost, although the upgrade with voice messaging has yet to go live.