Developer Bethesda had a surprise or 2 for its exhibit at the Electronics Entertainment Expo field show last evening. The biggest one was a previously unannounced video game called Fallout Shelter, a resource-management title for iOS that puts you in fee of a subterranean swarm after the nuclear holocaust.

Fallout Shelter is a spin-off of the Fallout series of role-playing video games, but it’s closer to Tiny Tower or a Sim title. You play as the administrator of an underground Safe, a nuke-proof shelter that harbored human survivors when the bombs fell. Your goal is to expand, construct your population, and maintain the residents delighted while likewise directing them to take care of emergency situations like fires, problems of contaminated pests, as well as strikes from raiders.

If the phrase ‘free-to-play’ has you thinking of paywalls and microtransactions, don’t stress: Fallout Shelter‘s only in-app payments are optional and also only utilized to unlock gear. You can play the entire video game usually without paying anything, as well as the choice to accelerate resource development is cost-free. You just run the danger of your effort failing, which might indicate a fire happening or other random mishap.

You can download and play Fallout Shelter today, as well as you should. It’s a strong video game with a surprising amount of depth, and also the armageddon has actually never looked so charming.