iPad Multitasking Bar

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Here’s a problem that all iPad users have experienced at one time or another: you open an app and it closes right away and returns you to the house screen. In some cases it’s simply a fluke and the app opens effectively when you attempt once again, but in some cases the app just stops right away each time you attempt.

Luckily, there are several relatively simple prospective fixes for this concern. Here they are, beginning with the easiest and fastest approach and going from there:

– Restart the iPad: Quite frequently that’s all it takes to resolve this issue and it’s fast to provide it a try and either be done and excellent to go, or proceed to the next possible repair.

– Open the Multitasking Bar and manually close the bothersome app. Double-press the home button to raise the Multitasking Bar, which reveals all recently opened apps. Tap and hang on any of the icons in the bar up until you see the icons start to wiggle. Then tap the little red minus sign on the icon for the problem app.

– Delete and reinstall the app from the App Shop. This is especially appropriate if the problem has occurred right after you’ve set up the troublesome app. This is an additional quick thing to try, at least with the majority of apps– it’ll not be so quick with apps that have huge file sizes.

– By hand quit other apps in the Multitasking Bar. Double-press the house button to bring up the Multitasking Bar, which shows all recently opened apps. Tap and hang on any of the icons in the bar till you see the icons start to wiggle. Then tap on the little red minus symbol on each app to by hand close it. If you’ve actually just recently run a multitude of apps this can be quite tiresome– but it also could resolve the problem, so it’s worth doing.

Those are the 3 easiest prospective options. If none of them get your app to open correctly, some next steps to consider are these:

– Look at the App Shop entry for the app and the Ratings and Reviews tab– see whether other individuals are reporting comparable problems with the app. If they are, then the concern may not be on your iPad however with the app itself.

– Look for a support contact for the app / app’s developer and get in touch to look for assistance.

– Try a reset of all settings on the iPad. If that doesn’t solve the issue and the app is very important enough to you to merit continued effort, think of doing a full bring back of the iPad.

Hope this is helpful with this usual concern. Let me understand in the remarks if you’ve pointers on various other techniques for tackling this problem.