File Sharing tab iTunes

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Here’s a suggestion we released almost 4 years earlier, but viewing as I made use of it rather recently at work, I believed I ‘d give it a refresh. Now that iPads are infiltrating the office space and conference rooms, I see an increasing number of co-workers should take videos and other files into meetings with them. This is not really an issue on a PC or Mac due to the fact that they can just make use of USB drives, however iOS 7 devices like the iPad are not as easy to transfer files to (iOS 8 will change this a bit with iCloud Drive, but it’s not here yet).

Fortunately, as long as you’ve a computer running a recent variation of iTunes, it’s relatively simple to move files to an iPad making use of the USB cable (30-pin or Lightning, depending on your device):

  1. Load up iTunes on the computer
  2. Plug the iPad into the computer
  3. Select the iPad from the left-hand side of the iTunes sidebar
    • if the sidebar is concealed, use the View menu on top to access it once again.
  4. If iTunes ever offers to sync with the computer system, cancel it.
  5. Head to the Apps tab of the iPad within iTunes, then scroll all the means to the File Sharing list.
  6. Click on the app you ‘d like to send your files to, and then drag your files into the right-hand man side of the window (labeled Documents)

If you are trying to find excellent prospect apps to transfer files to, VLC can play most any sort of video you toss at it, and Great Reader 4 can display most any other sort of file you ‘d wish to manage on an iPad.