ravensword shadowlands

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Crescent Moon Games, known for its quality iOS games work (Aralon: Sword and Shadow, Dig!), has simply launched it’s well-regarded iOS game, Ravensword: Shadowlands, for Mac OS X.

Apple gave Ravensword: Shadowlands the Editor’s Option classification for the iPad variation, which can still be bought for $7 on the iTunes App Store. The Mac OS X Variation, enhanced with graphical upgrades like realtime shadows, bloom results, and high resolution textures and environment models, is in the Mac App Store right now for $13, which looks like a rather respectable offer.

This open-world role playing game has actually been called the Senior Scrolls of mobile gaming, and the complete experience is now on the Mac, in addition to the higher end visuals. There’s a substantial 3D high-fantasy-themed world to discover, hundreds of products to find and use, and an epic storyline and soundtrack to immerse you in the gameplay. You’ll get to try out various tool kinds like bows, crossbows, hammers, swords, and axes, and get places faster on horses and flying mounts, as well. You’ll fight your way past adversaries, relying on your armor upgrades and appropriated items to keep you safe and vanquish your foes throughout a ton of multi-part missions.

Sounds like a rather typical Friday night, no?

If this sounds like enjoyable to you, you could do worse than get a stunning open-world fantasy RPG for $13 on the Mac App Shop, right? Ravensword: Shadowlands needs Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later on to run on your Mac.