Real Racing 3 received a major update today, including both new material and performance enhancements to the popular freemium game. Players can now access Dodge and Shelby muscle vehicles and race in all brand-new events.

The game’s difficulty has actually been a little tweaked, to permit faster and even more exact ability modifications and visual physics improvements provide reasonable pitch and bodyroll for classic muscle vehicles.

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– New cars– Dodge and Shelby add a collection of big V8 muscle vehicles to Real Racing 3
– New occasions– compete in numerous difficult Series including a field of muscle cars coming from Detroit
– Trouble adjusting– much faster and more exact ability modification for even tighter competition
– Visual physics enhancements– classic muscle automobiles come to life with practical pitch and bodyroll
– Improved cameras– improved sense of rate and movement yields a more real racing experience
– Added social networking options for enhanced Time Shifted Multiplayer and Cloud Save functionality

Real Racing 3 significant EA’s first foray into freemium prices for a game series that was formerly provided at a set rate. The rates structure proved to be a success, and the game remained on the top plans for numerous weeks. In July, the business revealed that Genuine Racing 3 has actually been downloaded 45 million times, averaging 2 million everyday active individuals.

EA has because followed up by introducing other prominent freemium games consisting of Plant kingdom vs. Zombies 2. EA announced yesterday that it would bring the freemium prices model to its mobile FIFA titles also.
Real Racing 3 is a cost-free app that can be downloaded from the App Store.