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Offworld Games has released The Confrontation to the App Shop for the iPad. The Confrontation was developed by the German parlor game designer Reiner Knizia. It is a turn-based approach game that has been compared with Stratego by Touch Arcade. The video game was initially released as a physical Lord of the Rings parlor game where the objective was stop Frodo from going into Mordor. The iPad variation replaces the Lord of the Rings characters with the ‘Light and Shadow’ armies.

In the iPad variation the Light side wins when they sneak their Prince into the Shadow Fortress. The Shadow side need to either kill the Prince or relocate three of their men right into the Light Funding to declare victory. The online game has actually been compared to Stratego because gamers could not see just what their opponent’s items are till they are available in call. The Confrontation differs itself from Stratego by including making use of special capabilities and also situational cards throughout specific fights.

The iPad version includes both single gamer as well as on-line multiplayer options.

The Confrontation is readily available now on the Application Establishment for $9.99. It needs iOS 7.0 or later and also is recommended for the iPad 3 or iPad mini 2 and also later on.