Relax, Apple is not putting the iPod out to stud just yet

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The famous Apple iPod has actually got at least one more upgrade cycle in its future before being sent out to the glue manufacturing facility, according to brand-new task posts on the business’s internet site.

This week’s revelation of dropping Christmas sales saw numerous media outlets excitedly pronounce the iPod’s fatality, however Apple it appears is getting on with the task of planning for the next wave of gadgets.

The company is seeking to fill vacancies for a ‘New Item Workflow Program Manager – iPod,’ a ‘Technical Program Manager – iPod’ and a ‘Product Quality Engineer – iPod’ among other positions.

If the company is really winding down the iPod period totally rather than accepting its lessening role, then it actually has an amusing means of revealing it.

Life in the old dog

If old release patterns apply, the company is due to revamp its iPod line at some time in 2014 after only adding the area grey color to its line iPod nano, touch and shuffle lines during last September’s iPhone 5S launch event.

The iPod traditional, full with its click wheel UI, has not been updated in over 4 years, however the chances of it getting a hardware bump appear to lie somewhere been slim and none.

Apple’s line of media players, first introduced in 2001 have been on a downwards sales trajectory because 2008, partially cannibalised by the media capabilities of the business’s own iPhone and iPod gadgets.

Sales for the three months leading up to December 31, 2013 was up to six million, a 52 % fall year-on-year. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook confessed the market is declining for the iPod during the business’s earning’s call.

He said: ‘The method we take a look at it, our operation is a sell-through perspective less iPod – all of us have known for a long time that iPod is a declining business.’

What life is left in the old animal? We are likely to discover at some point later on this year.