With the introduction of 1080p HD video support in iTunes in 2012, in many cases users now have the option of two various HD resolutions when purchasing and seeing material from the iTunes Shop. The great information is that Apple considers the 720p and 1080p variations of HD material to be the same purchase to satisfy the gradually enhancing the amount of content offered in the greater resolution. So if you’ve older 720p TELEVISION shows and movies relaxing in your iTunes library, you can very easily replace it to the 1080p simply by downloading it from your iTunes Investment history to enjoy on an iPad.


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iTune by default is set to buy, download, and playback HD material in 720p. To upgrade your 720p iTunes video to 1080p, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Download the current version of iTunes. You can download iTunes completely free below.
  2. From the iTunes menu, choose iTunes > Preferences > Playback (for PC, choose Edit > Preferences > Playback).
  3. Next to “Preferred Video Version” set your preference to High Difinition 1080p.
  4. Click OK
  5. Now, just enter the iTunes Shop and pick the “Acquisitions” link near the top-right corner.
  6. You can access a list of all of your previously purchased films and TV programs away, and any that are offered for re-download in the higher resolution will show an iCloud download icon next to them rather of the word “Downloaded“.
Keep in mind, however, that downloading the 1080p variation doesn’t remove the older 720p variation from your collection, so you’ll have to go and do that manually if you want to conserve disk space and don’t have to keep the various other version around for syncing to older devices with various HD capabilities.