Indigenous Union’s Apple Watch charging solution, referred to as the ‘Support,’ is most definitely winning in one classification: its simpleness. The new accessory is neither a stand nor a dock, however more of a pad developed to snuggle an Apple Watch battery charger and also serve as a specialized area for users to rest their Apple Watches on provide them power. It’s a stripped-down technique that makes the Support charming, but ultimately also maintains it from ending up being a front-runner in the budget-minded Apple Watch charging option market.


The Anchor is crafted in 2 separate components, with a non-slip silicone functioning as the base for a heavy zinc alloy for sitting the Apple Watch on. Both halves split up for installation, which is a straightforward process many thanks to the ease with which the silicone base forms around Apple’s inductive asking for puck. It’ll likewise be a wind for those that take a trip often, given that the Support’s little footprint and small weight (3.2 ounces) need to be conveniently suited in a travel bag.
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Due to its standard develop, it should be pointed out that the Anchor’s small size is a bit deceitful at first, as its 2-or-so inches come to be anywhere between 10 to 12 inches (depending upon Band size) when the Apple Watch lays on the dock. And also offered its layout, the Anchor doesn’t raise the Apple Watch over and far from a workdesk’s mess while being asked for– as numerous some people docks efficiently achieve– instead having a tendency to enhance any type of clutter.
Design wise, there’s not much else to say about the Support. With a little stature and also primary– but practical– style, it should make most owners of the Apple wearable happy. In certain, those which locate the large dimension of a few other docks to be a trouble, or think the larger stands eliminate from the Apple Watch as its own focal point may appreciate the Anchor.

Daily Use

Note that I said most owners of the Apple Watch will certainly enjoy below, because the Support has one glaring trouble: if you have any sort of closed-loop band you just can’t make use of Native Union’s charging base. Those with a Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet, or another third-party band of a similar nature, would have to raise the whole Support off the surface area it gets on, put the Apple Watch on it, as well as rest it back down with the base sitting atop the closed-loop band.
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As someone who has just recently purchased a Milanese Loophole, the Support was essentially meaningless in my initial screening, requiring me to get back to a few of my old Sporting activity Bands to genuinely see making use of the base on an everyday basis. Thankfully, in that sense, it’s useful, but also questionably superfluous. Those 3.2 ounces of weight are much more than the demanding puck by itself, however still inadequate to genuinely give the Support any type of concrete sense of safety if it rests precariously near the edge of a desk or bedside table.
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The metal blend that covers the top of the Anchor is appealing, but as with any kind of steel Apple Watch stand it could trigger some to stress about scrapes when resting and also taking the tool off the Support. It makes the Support connection into the Apple visual nicely, however it’s likewise a pointer that that’s all the stand is for: providing customers a more aesthetically enticing option to just resting the Apple Watch atop its asking for puck alone.

Bottom Line

For $29.99, a devoted, simplistic tool to ask for an Apple Watch may be perfectly affordable to some. The Anchor has so lots of caveats that its listing of disadvantages develops a device that’s hard to suggest, even to the yous that could utilize it in the initial place.
If you are on the quest for a fairly valued, non-showy billing option for the Apple Watch– as well as do not have a closed-loop band– Indigenous Union’s option can function for you. Yet it’s hard to get away that the majority of will certainly get the exact same fulfillment as well as use from the Anchor that they could possibly obtain from videotaping down a MagSafe battery charger onto the area on their desk where they want to charge the Apple Watch.

  • Non-showy style places Apple Watch as centerpiece
  • Super easy setup as well as extraction of MagSafe charger


  • Doesn’t support closed-loop bands
  • Slightly raised weight would have been welcome to supply more security from spills
  • Requires more room compared to at first expected
  • Doesn’t support all watchOS 2 functions, especially Night table mode
  • Too rudimentary in performance, also for $29.99

How to Buy

Native Union’s Support dock could be bought from the local business’s official online shop for $29.99. The business also markets a more full-featured Apple Watch dock for $59.99 that works with every watch band as well as assists Nighstand mode.