Review: Angry Birds Epic

October 9, 2014

If you have children of a particular age, you could be forgiven for believing Angry Birds are everywhere. Rovio’s hit franchise has actually controlled the App Establishment in its four-and-a-half year, eight video game run, and has branched off effectively into toys, a cartoon, and even soft drinks. And now Angry Birds Epic continues the trend of branching out from its modest slingshot-firing origins.

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This time it’s into RPG territory. All the normal suspects from the animation series and the prior games reveal their face eventually in this free-to-play game, which is light on depth (and story) and huge on character and art-driven funny and beauty. Battles are all turn-based, with one defensive, one offensive, and one unique capability appointed to each character according to their devices (which can be upgraded making use of an easy crafting system) and inherent characteristics. With approximately three birds at a time, you battle it out against any variety of the meddlesomely conniving piggies, who’ve as soon as again run off with some eggs.

Angry Birds Impressive starts out ridiculously easy, however the difficulty ramps up quick. And while you can certainly scrape through without investing a penny, there’s a clear push to buying coins to power up your flock or to keep them standing against the evil piggy scoundrels. Do not anticipate to be wowed: this is a strong however unspectacular enter new area for the birds.

The bottom line. Angry Birds Epic swoops into RPG land with a fun and light getaway to Piggy Island, however it’s neither epic nor innovative in its formula.