In our recurring iPad Air 2 key-board testimonial series, we’ve viewed of the ClamCase Pro and also the BrydgeAir. Today we have actually got a view of one more popular iPad keyboard that MacRumors visitors recommended we review, the Qode Ultimate Pro from Belkin.

The Qode Ultimate Pro Keyboard Situation is one of the much more versatile key-board cases we’ve taken a look at, considering that it’s able to separate from the key-board to function as a standalone iPad situation and also it’s functional in both picture as well as landscape modes. Other standout features include backlit tricks, a complete keyboard format, and also car on/off functionality.
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What’s in the Box and Setup

The box consists of the two-piece key-board, a coming with micro-USB wall charger, and instructions on just how to obtain it up and running. Arrangement corresponds to any kind of other Bluetooth device, with pairing done by pushing the Bluetooth switch on the key-board as well as selecting the key-board in the Setups menu of the iPad.

We bumped into some periodic problems with Bluetooth, where we had to remove the device entirely from the list of known devices and re-pair, but for the a lot of part, the Bluetooth link was solid in our testing.
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The Qode Ultimate Pro can be found in 2 separate items: a removable keyboard and also a plastic situation that snaps on to the rear of the iPad Air 2. Both pieces attach to each other making use of numerous magnets. There’s a magnetic flap covered with a leather-like material on the key-board that connects to the back of the case to hold the items together, and after that the situation suits either ports on the key-board where it is held in place by extra magnets (these magnets also control the automated link in between your iPad and also the keyboard). Both different slots enable slightly different seeing angles.
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Using magnets to connect the 2 items of the situation with each other enables the iPad to be made use of without the keyboard connected or with the key-board folded back, giving several possible usage cases not possible with various other key-board instances on the market.

There’s a downside though– the magnets utilized in the Belkin Qode system are not extremely strong, so if you turn it incorrect or pick it up in the incorrect method, both pieces could remove. If you picked the instance up by the keyboard, for instance, and tilted it forward just a little as you could if you were moving it to a brand-new location, there’s an excellent possibility your iPad might topple off the keyboard and attacked the floor.
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For that factor, you have to be cautious when utilizing this instance, taking a few extra secs to see exactly how you pick it up when it should be repositioned. When made use of in a lap, it’s likewise possible for the iPad to fall in reverse considering that it’s so top heavy. The key-board part itself is as well light to cancel the iPad as well as the magnets aren’t able to completely manage the weight of the tablet when the keyboard is not put on a level area. We had the iPad autumn in reverse as well as separate a number of times during screening on a lap. This is not an issue on a standard surface area, however.

You could additionally make use of the Qode Ultimate Pro keyboard with the iPad connected in portrait method, something that’s not possible with several of the readily available key-board instances on the market. In this placement, it’s a bit much more susceptible to dropping backwards because of the weight. The magnets are a little bit weak, but it’s worth mentioning that this system is practical– it’s simple to eliminate the iPad from the key-board and it breaks right back into area when you intend to use it again. Lots of people most likely will not make use of the keyboard with the iPad in portrait method, yet it’s a great option to have.
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The section of the instance that breaks over the iPad is constructed from a hard plastic that’s covered with a softer leather-like product outside. Sans keyboard accessory, it resembles an average back instance, which is a bit thick and large, an aesthetic that some could not such as. It leaves access to all ports on the iPad open, from the Lightning port to the volume switches as well as the power button.

It can be made use of as a normal daily instance when not affixed to the key-board, and it has cutouts for the video camera, the quantity buttons, the operate switch, the headphone jack, and also the Lightning port under. The one negative when trying to utilize it as an on a daily basis instance is that it leaves the left side of the iPad without security since that’s where the iPad slots into the key-board when it is in use.
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This is certainly a case that’s indicated to be left on the iPad whatsoever times, as well as it’s somewhat tough to get rid of from the iPad Air 2 since of the rigid plastic material it’s made of. The Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro key-board case is probably not the very best remedy if you do not care for the back housing, due to the fact that it’s not something you’re going to want to remove as well as on once again and again.

The key-board itself is made from aluminum on leading and a plastic material under. It’s readily available in shades that match the Space Gray as well as Silver iPad Air 2, with a silver aluminum as well as white covering available for the Silver iPad as well as an Area Gray aluminum and also black shell available for Apple’s darker iPad. The keyboard is slim and also lightweight, making it fairly mobile, however with the added mass of an iPad in the thick plastic rear covering, it has to do with as thick as other key-board offerings we have actually previously checked out, like the ClamCase Pro and also the BrydgeAir.

When not being used, the key-board folds up over the front of the iPad Air 2 to secure the display, providing it a nice, portable clamcase form when shut. There’s a rubber bumper at the side of the key-board that maintains the iPad’s display from striking the keys when closed. At 1.13 pounds, the Qode Ultimate Pro adds some weight to the iPad, something to remember if you plan to utilize it for traveling, but it’s not much heavier than various other remedies on the market.
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The Keys

Typing on the Qode keyboard does not feel as pleasing as keying on the keyboard of a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro due to the fact that crucial travel is shorter as well as actuation pressure (the quantity of force needed to press a trick) isn’t really as wonderful. Because of this, the secrets don’t feel considerable– they’re soft, squishy, and not as bouncy as the tricks on a MacBook Air or Pro.

Compared to other iPad key-boards like the ClamCase Pro as well as the BrydgeAir, the Belkin’s keys have a substandard feel. That said, it’s not tough to adapt to utilizing the Qode keyboard although the tricks really feel various and also it didn’t have a significant effect on our typing rate. We did see some mistakes on the Qode due to the smaller crucial spacing compared with one of Apple’s key-boards. The secrets are closer with each other, which spends some time to readjust to.
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The Belkin Qode does not supply a desktop-style typing experience when it comes to key feel, yet it does flaunt the very same number of secrets that are on a laptop computer key-board. It has alternative, command, control, feature and also tab keys, plus a complete row of function/number secrets that supply beneficial iPad-specific commands. Reducing, copying, and pasting could be done making use of the command trick as on a regular keyboard.

There’s a secret for accessing the residence display, which doubles as a way to lock the iPad when holding back the function key. There are likewise keys for starting Siri, accessing search, switching to multitask view to view open applications, taking a screenshot, bringing up the on display key-board, managing noise, and controlling media playback. The keys for accessing open applications (simulating a double tap on the house button) and for taking a screenshot are one-of-a-kind and are not offered on all iPad keyboards.

For using the key-board in the dark or in dimly lit rooms, there’s an integrated backlight. There are three degrees of illumination that could be picked by touching the illumination trick on the keyboard a number of times. Utilizing the backlighting will certainly pipes the keyboard’s electric battery faster.


The Qode has superb built-in battery conserving attributes that offer it some of the lengthiest electric battery life of any mobile iPad keyboard offered on the market. Baseding on Belkin, it could last for around a year on a single cost (with 2 hours of use a day) if the keyboard backlighting isn’t flipped on.

Whenever the key-board is connected to the iPad, the magnets instantly activate Bluetooth, permitting the iPad to connect. When the iPad is eliminated, Bluetooth shuts down, saving electric battery. This automated on as well as off attribute works well– the iPad links within seconds when anchored to the key-board and turns off promptly too. Bluetooth likewise turns off after about 10 secs of lack of exercise to save battery, a feature that can be interruptive if you pause in your creating for a moment or 2 considering that it creates the keyboard to shut off even when you’re still making use of it.
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The automated function implies the key-board just starts when the iPad is docked, however it could be caused to be on at all times by folding back the natural leather flap that hooks up the key-board to the iPad case. When this flap is folded up back, the magnet maintains the keyboard on so it can be made use of on a standalone basis with any type of Bluetooth device, including Macs and iPhones.

When the electric battery on the key-board does run bargain, it can be demanded by means of micro USB. There is no way to check the electric battery life on the keyboard, so it could be a great suggestion to demand every couple of months merely to ensure it doesn’t end up dead on a day when it’s needed.

Other Features

The Qode has the ability to pair with two various gadgets at the exact same time as well as switching between those devices could be done by holding back the feature trick and tapping + or erase, likewise labled as Bluetooth tricks. This is a valuable feature that’s not existing on the majority of iPad keyboards.

There’s likewise a ‘Soundflow’ design to increase the iPad Air 2’s audio to be louder than just what’s available without an instance, but we didn’t observe a significant a distinction in sound quality or volume with as well as without the case.
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Who’s It For?

Belkin’s Qode Ultimate Pro is among the a lot more functional keyboard instances on the market, and also it’s a good choice if you’re looking for something that could be used in a number of ways– as a standalone case, in landscape mode, in portrait mode, and with gadgets besides the iPad. If you value the versatility to make use of an accessory in many different ways, this may be the key-board for you.

The tricks are a little bit soft and superficial as compared to a few other instances on the marketplace, yet it’s still feasible to kind virtually as fast as a one could type on a conventional MacBook Air or Pro keyboard. Built-in backlighting, a complete collection of secrets, and a good collection of iPad actions make the key-board enticing despite its less preferable key feel.
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For those of you that desire a keyboard that can be used in a lap or on an area that’s hollow and also level, the Qode Ultimate Pro is going to be frustrating because it’s unable to support the weight of the iPad plus the plastic situation when on an unstable surface area. If you don’t mind that facet of the keyboard or the mass that the case section includes in the iPad, the Qode is a strong choice.

  • Full set of keys
  • Backlighting
  • Versatile, works in landscape and also portrait mode
  • Works with two devices
  • Lots of integrated iPad shortcuts
  • Long battery life


  • Magnets are weak as well as don’t assist iPad weight well
  • Keys are soft as well as key feel isn’t really the best
  • Can’t be utilized dependably on unsteady surfaces
  • Case is bulky
  • Bluetooth is in some cases unreliable
  • No electric battery sign, short rest times could be inconvenient

How to Buy

The Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro Key-board Situation for the iPad Air 2 can be bought from the Belkin web site for $149.99 in black or white. It’s additionally offered from at the somewhat reduced rate of $132.