Review: Broken Age

October 4, 2014

Shay lives a coddled life, alone on a spaceship, monitored by some extremely parental computer programs. His days include conserving his adorable toy-like shipmates from similarly cutesy ‘disasters.’ Vella resides in a sweet (actually) baking town, with a supportive household. Her days, however, are numbered– she is because of be sacrificed to an excellent monster, to keep her village safe from its wrath.

Broken Age is the story of these 2 breaking away from their particular destinies and resisting versus their oppressor, whether it’s a huge beast or a restricting environment. You play as them both in this point-and-tap experience, switching in between their stories as you please till you reach the cliffhanger at the end of the first act– the second is coming later on this year, and will be an added IAP.

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It’s standard as far as experience video games go– tap to stroll around the locations, and tap to connect with things and individuals. The different locations you go to are largely interesting and fun, and the puzzles’ solutions make a lot of sense. We found it simple for this kind of video game (not a bad thing truly), however a little light, no puzzle-solving made us seem like a genius, even if some are inventive. If you like your point-and-clicks to be brain-busters, this won’t actually suffice.

We liked Broken Age anyhow. It has some brilliant jokes in its clever script, with superb art and superior voice acting bringing it all together– and, in the end a remarkable allegorical statement wrapped in its witty, unimportant candy shell.

The bottom line. Veterans could discover its puzzling a bit small, however Broken Age’s wit, inventiveness, and polish make it a must-play.