Casetify, a firm that makes customizable apple iphone, iPad, as well as MacBook cases, has likewise started marketing Apple Watch bands, which could be printed with any sort of style. Available for both the 38 and 42mm Apple Watches and also in two surfaces, bands can be personalized with photos or artwork or ordered from Casetify’s pre-designed artist collection.
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Casetify’s Apple Watch bands are made from polycarbonate and also are closest in nature to the Apple Watch Sport bands. I have actually been using a 38mm Casetify Apple Watch band for simply over a week and while it is comfortable, the material of the band is not as soft, versatile, or as thin as the fluoroelastomer the Apple Watch Sport bands are built from.
Bands can be found in two sizes, one for every watch. The 38mm band fits wrists sized 140 to 200mm, while the 42mm band fits wrists sized 150 to 210mm. The bottom of each band is ridged, with the Casetify company logo published on each side.
At about an eighth of an inch thick, Casetify’s bands seem to be approximately a 3rd more thick compared to the Apple Watch Sport (there’s possibly regarding a millimeter of distinction between the two). That’s not a substantial density variation, however it is visible when wearing the Casetify band after using a Sporting activity band, specifically on a tiny wrist.
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My wrist is under 5.5 inches in circumference so the Casetify feels and look a little bit bulky on my arm, however this might be much less of a problem for individuals with bigger wrists. Part of the reason for the bulk is that I should wear the band on its second to last loop, so there’s a great deal of added band at the underside of my wrist.
It’s definitely thicker and a lot less flexible compared to the Apple Watch sporting activity band, however the Casetify band has still been comfy to put on all day, also during exercise when it gets damp. The band has a lot of openings to adjust the fit, so it’s going to match well on a great deal of various wrist sizes.
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Most Apple Watch bands are relatively easy to place on one-handed, this band from Casetify is not. It’s a basic buckle watch, so it takes some maneuvering to obtain it on your wrist with one hand.


The Casetify bands connect to the Apple Watch utilizing stainless-steel adapters, in either a matte silver or a matte black finish, and also each watch has a coordinating stainless-steel buckle.
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Bands affix just like any kind of various other Apple Watch band, gliding right into the groove on the side of the Apple Watch up until it snaps in position. The Casetify bands don’t move in as well as out of the Apple Watch as smoothly or as effortlessly as Apple’s own bands, however they do lock into area in the same way.
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One of the bands that I received from Casetify was put together in reverse, inducing it to not glide in properly or lock, to make sure that’s something to look out for if you buy one of these. Fixing it would certainly need unscrewing the adapter and also transforming the band around.
I have a stainless steel Apple Watch and the matte silver of the adapter does not match the glossy surface of the Apple Watch, however when using the watch, the distinction in surface isn’t really excessively obvious from a distance. If somebody’s near to your wrist, though, the distinction is simple to see.
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The matte silver also does not match the aluminum of the Apple Watch Sporting activity, as well as the mismatching surfaces is certainly going to be a bargain breaker for some folks when it involves the Casetify bands. The incongruity between the band adapter and the Apple Watch is just what bothered me most regarding the Casetify band, however no person seemed to notice however me.
Casetify gave me with a band that has matte black adapters, yet I really did not have access to a Room Black or Space Gray Apple Watch to make a fair comparison on shade. I did observe a tiny bit of nicking on the matte black Casetify adapter after I put it on my Apple Watch, so I am worried that individuals that get the matte black version may have comparable troubles with it. Casetify states that the nicking I saw is uncommon.

Printed Designs

Customizability is the vital attribute in Casetify’s Apple Watch bands, and also designing a band that precisely fits your design and requirements is the major reason to acquire one of these bands. Casetify markets pre-designed Apple Watch bands in an array of shades as well as patterns, yet you’re additionally able to produce your very own using any kind of image.
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You could post a picture or link to Facebook or Instagram to make use of an image from one of those services. Bands designs can utilize one, two, or five pictures, and built-in devices on the site as well as in the app allow you resize as well as relocate images as needed to produce a preferred design.
Design wise, the opportunities are virtually countless. You could produce a band with photos of kids, pets, or favored cartoon people, or use a much more abstract design or picture. Points like blossoms as well as sundowns end up specifically well. A high resolution graphic is essential for the finest print top quality, especially when making use of only a single image.
It’s additionally worth taking an appearance with Casetify’s artist’s gallery for styles that have been produced by others. There are a great deal of wayward, vibrant styles that are enjoyable to scan through.
Print quality on the Casetify bands is great, yet it’s not something that I ‘d call crisp. Up close, designs look a little bit blurry as a result of the pixelated printing process, as you can see in the picture below.
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At a sensible range, Casetify’s band styles look extremely great, yet I would not choose a picture that has a lot of quite great specific for the print. Printing just covers the front of the band. The sides of the band are a light grey shade, as is the back of the band.
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So much, the layout on my band has actually held up more than a week of heavy usage and also with attempts to damage the printing through scrubbing up, turning, flexing, as well as massaging. I have not been able to examine the band over an extended period of time, yet the printing appears fairly durable, as does the band– it could stand up to a great deal of misuse because it’s made from polycarbonate.

Bottom Line

Casetify’s bands are more expensive compared to the Apple Watch Sporting activity band and also have some caveats like their thickness and also adapters that don’t quite match the Apple Watch, but they’re also the only Apple Watch band that’s personalized, as well as that makes up for a great deal of minor flaws.
If you want a band that’s even more colorful as well as has even more individuality than exactly what you can obtain from Apple, or if you really want to put on a band that’s equipped with photos of your feline, Casetify’s Apple Watch bands are the way to go. $70 is a lot to fork over for a band that’s not rather as high-quality as the Apple Watch Sport band, yet the tradeoff for customizability deserves it for Apple Watch lovers that want something that stands out.
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One point to maintain in thoughts – there aren’t lots of third-party Apple Watch bands on the marketplace yet, which’s because Apple hasn’t strengthened its ‘Made for Apple Watch’ process. Apple has released standards on band as well as adapters (lugs) for third-party accessory designers, yet it’s not yet accepting accessories. Casetify’s bands, like all present third-party bands are not ‘Made for Apple Watch’ approved.
In the coming months, we might view a whole lot more band alternatives striking the market. For the time being, third-party bands are couple of as well as far in between, so it behaves to have choices like Casetify that allowed the Apple Watch be far better tailored to fit various styles and also tastes.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Customizable– limitless designs
  • Waterproof/sweatproof
  • Fits a variety of wrist sizes


  • Thicker, a lot less flexible than Apple Watch Sport band
  • Adapter’s matte silver doesn’t fairly match Apple Watch finish
  • Matte black variation covering chips easily
  • Printed designs aren’t crisp

How to Buy

Casetify’s Apple Watch bands could be bought from the Casetify internet site or the Casetify iOS app for $70.