I just recently assessed the Grablet Wanderer, and general I enjoyed it. It does a great number of things well, with the Grablet ‘twist’ on them. One thing that it was missing out on was a ‘professional’ feel to it. The case works wonderful, is not bad looking, however doesn’t shout ‘course’. The Grablet Executive is below to alter that.

The Exec and the Wanderer are different cases in regards to use and function, however they both start with the exact same Grablet core … a hard plastic housing for the gadget that leaves all buttons and ports easily accessible. This core links to the outer covering, in this case a premium leather cover, and can be removed quickly when preferred.

Look and Feel
The Grablet Exec looks fantastic. It actually feels and look like a premium case. From the touch of the leather, to the light softer interior, all the method to the difficult plastic back covering, the Executive feels durable and encouraging, while keeping the course factor company people will enjoy.

One of the greatest differences between the Nomad and the Executive is the functionality of the cover. While the Nomad enables individuals to fold and flip the cover in a crazy amount of shapes for propping up the gadget, the Exec does things a bit different. When opened for propping up the front inside of the cover has grooves that the gadget can sit in well, this allows the iPad to sit upright … and thanks to the 360 degree turning of the back core of the case, this means the case can be propped up in landscape or portrait, with any side dealing with any direction.

The inside of the front flap likewise has 2 slots for company cards or other such items, and a small area for sticking a few papers you could wish to take with you. It also has a small loop that can be made use of for saving a stylus (of the thin range though), and a rubber band for keeping the entire thing shut while not in use.

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In addition to the above, the Grablet Executive also has the exact same accessory options as the Wanderer. The hand pad, hand wrap, shoulder strap, magnet pack, and photography tripod puck, all make great accessories, when you remove the front cover with the 2 quick and simple buttons on the back. Much like the Wanderer, these accessories include genuine capacity to the case, in classrooms, boardrooms, throughout discussions, or simply every day use.

Finally, unlike the Wanderer, the Exec does include the convenient sleep/wake SmartCover functionality into his front flap, which while never a deal-breaker, is an extremely welcomed addition for sure.

What I Loved
I truly enjoy the elegant feel of the case, it simply feels good in the hand, and looks great too. Once again, the Grablet series actually shines with its accessory options. With many methods to personalize the case to be exactly what you require, Grablet just may be the most functional case around.

What I Did not Love
I wish there was a way to keep the lovely leather cover open against the back of the case when in use. As it is, I simply need to eliminate it when using it, particularly in portrait positioning, which is not a substantial offer, but I’d welcome this capability.

So What Comes With The Case?
The Executive is made specifically for 2nd, 3rd and Fourth generation iPads.

Package Includes:
1 Grablet Exec with leather cover/stand
1 Grablet Hand Pad
1 Grablet Hand Wrap
2 x 13” Straps w/ 4 G clips
4 x Grablet Strap Retainers

Final Thoughts
After using both the Nomad and the Exec by Grablet, it’s apparent the Grablet is trying to ‘get’ a certain market of user who require modification and versatility from their cases. Personally, after making use of both I like the Executive, it feels more strong, classier, and provides the right options for me. If you are looking for a case that does more, offers more, and you can require more from, you truly must look into the Grablet Executive.