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There are one-of-a-kind cases out there for the iPad, then there’s the Grablet collection. These cases are loaded with possible and I have got two to give you. First up, today, is the Grablet Nomad.

The Grablet Wanderer is a case designed to do exactly what the name recommends … get and keep a hold of your iPad while on the go. However it’s likewise even more than that. It features the same back case as the regular Grablet, with mounting points for straps that also permit one to attach a hand-pad for grabbing it and holding it in one hand. It includes a brand-new front cover, which while functioning as protection, also becomes an insane origami stand that can be shaped to stand in a number of means.

Look and Feel
The feel and look of The Grablet Nomad is streamlined. It’s got a somewhat grippy feel, however not too much … instead it’s a sheen to it that makes it streamlined. The actual iPad housing is hard plastic that grips the device tightly and keeps it safe and secure and protected. The look of the Nomad is not really one I ‘d especially state is elegant, however it is not really bad either, it just goes about it’s business.

This is where The Grablet collection of cases shines, and the Nomad is no various. With the variety of add-ons offered consisting of a hand pad, hand wrap, shoulder band, magnet pack, and photography tripod puck, there are an insane amount of ways one could make use of the case and they truly add to the functionality. The case includes straps and a hand pad, which is wonderful, as this is precisely how I can see a lot of people using it. Making sure you’ve an office grip on the device while providing or relocating about a room, or making use of the straps in the automobile for backseat passengers. That said, I’d have liked to get a chance to check out the magnet pack. I can see this add-ons addition being great for sticking the iPad to a fridge (eek) or possibly a whiteboard in a classroom.

In addition to the accessories that make the Grablet Wanderer luster, the origami-like front cover is more than just defense. It flips and folds and rotates 360 degrees to permit the individual to form whatever kind of stand they prefer. From landscape upright, picture upright, low keying stand, and numerous more … a few flips and folds and you are excellent to go.

What’s even much better, is that you can easily, with journalism of 2 buttons, eliminate the front cover to leave just the back hard plastic covering. This is ideal for when you do not desire the front cover flapping in the method or when using an accessory like the photography puck and tripod (I’d assume anyways).

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What I Loved
I liked the thought and design that entered the Grablet Wanderer. It’s not the ideal case, but I am uncertain such a thing exists. The truth that the front cover can be gotten rid of and accessories put into extend it’s effectiveness truly make it worth a look for individuals who utilize the iPad for even more than simply a couch/leisure gadget.

I likewise liked the front cover abilities. Having the ability to prop up the iPad in whatever means I felt like it’s a fantastic thing. It resembles the Apple Smart Cover on steroids.

What I Did not Love
There are nonetheless a couple of things I did not like. While I am delighted one can eliminate the front cover when it’s not needed, and it’s easy to do so, it nearly becomes a requirement when holding the gadget for leisure searching on the sofa … as the front cover is really floppy. It doesn’t have a method to just ‘stay’ tucked behind the gadget when not in use, so eliminating it virtually becomes a requirement. I was also surprised that the sleep/wake function was missing from the case when opening and closing the cover, but maybe this would’ve been too challenging with the origami functionality the cover provides.

So What Comes With The Case?
The Wanderer is specifically for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads.

And The Package Includes:
1 Grablet Wanderer with cover/stand
1 Grablet Hand Pad
1 Grablet Hand Wrap
2 x 13” Straps w/ 4 G clips
4 x Grablet Strap Retainers

Final Thoughts
After spending time with the case, and using it in the home, I’ve to state it’s well done. I enjoyed the front cover capabilities, the hand-strap addition, and the potential of including a few various other accessories to broaden it’s effectiveness If you are somebody who relaxes and continues reading the sofa with your iPad, then I ‘d state this is not really your case, it could be, however is not really exactly what it’s primarily for. If you’re nevertheless somebody who provides presentations with the iPad, uses it for photography, at a whiteboard, or while perambulating a class … this is one I ‘d take a genuine look at.