iPhone electronic camera device maker Olloclip has actually been generating lenses for the iPhone 6 given that quickly after the phone debuted in 2013, however the business recently enhanced its product lineup with the enhancement new apple iphone 6 and 6 Plus cases and also a brand-new Active Lens, which incorporates an ultra wide-angle lens with a telephoto lens.
Olloclip’s iPhone photography accessories are a few of one of the most preferred on the marketplace due to their top quality and also ease of use, and the company’s 2 latest items are a welcome enhancement to the product schedule. The iPhone 6 Ollocase functions perfectly with Olloclip lenses and the Active Lens is among Olloclip’s a lot of functional lenses, beneficial for landscapes, selfies, portraits, and tries where you have to obtain simply a bit closer to your subject.


Olloclip’s lenses do not deal with iPhone cases considering that of the means the lenses suit over the top of the apple iphone 6 or 6 Plus, leading Olloclip to develop the Ollocase, a specialized instance that does fit its lineup of electronic camera lenses.
Olloclip initially ventured into instance making with the iPhone Fives, making a two-piece plastic instance that was bulky and extremely complexed, however their brand-new case for the apple iphone 6 as well as 6 Plus is considerably, considerably enhanced, and it’s clear that a lot of thought entered the design.
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It’s constructed from a slim polycarbonate covering that brings in little mass to the apple iphone, as well as around the sides, it has a rubber bumper. The rubber bumper protects from minor drops and extends a little bit past the display, staying it from touching a table or workdesk when it’s face down. As an incentive, the adaptability likewise makes it very easy to place on as well as take off if you like to switch situations often.
The quantity switches and also the power switch are secured, and there is a huge cutout at the back where the cam lies, made to accommodate the lenses. Consequently, it provides no security to the camera when a lens is not in area, which could be a disadvantage for some prospective customers. All-time low of the phone is additionally left unsafe, as prevails in numerous apple iphone situations, for charging and using the earphone port.
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Overall, the look of the instance is quite kindlying and also it does not stand out from your average iPhone situation. It’s offered in two colors, a see-through gray as well as a matte black, and also it has a pattern engraved on the inside to add visual charm. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, so the variation in the photos is for Apple’s larger apple iphone. The apple iphone 6 situations look identical.
Those of you who possess Olloclip’s lenses understand that they ship with an insert to readjust the fit to the iPhone 6 or the apple iphone 6 Plus, yet with the case, those inserts aren’t needed. The Olloclip twin lenses match right over the cam cutout in the case, breaking on in a 2nd. I discovered placing on as well as removing the lenses to be faster with the instance compared to without, due to the fact that I know exactly where to position the lens device for the best fit.
On the iPhone 6, a lens put over the Ollocase will immediately associate both the front-facing video camera as well as the rear-facing electronic camera, yet with the iPhone 6 Plus, you’ll have to pull the lens a little onward or in reverse when switching over between two electronic cameras to adjust the location. Sans case, the apple iphone 6 Plus versions of the Olloclip lenses currently work through this, so there’s no change below for apple iphone 6 Plus users.
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As a person who on a regular basis uses Olloclip’s lenses, I cherish the instance. It looks decent, it does not add a great deal of bulk, it remainings my apple iphone secured, and also it reduces the need to remove my instance whenever I wish to take an image. Not should remove my situation does away with a great deal of the trouble of using Olloclip products. There’s still one caution– it does not transform the means screen protectors on the iPhone job with Olloclip lenses. The Olloclip lenses match on as well snugly, triggering the majority of display protectors to peel off up.

Active Lens

The Energetic Lens is Olloclip’s various other new product, having simply debuted lately together with the case. It integrates an ultra wide-angle lens with a 2x telephoto lens, a pairing that I liked a great deal in my testing. If you recognize with Olloclip’s items, you know that there’s currently a Telephoto + Wide-Angle choice offered, as well as the distinction here is that ultra wide-angle lens.
The typical Wide-Angle Lens from Olloclip has a field of vision that doubles the apple iphone 6’s common area of view, coming in at about 120– 130 levels. The ultra wide-angle lens in the Energetic Lens is about 155 levels, placing it between a wide-angle and also a fisheye (180 levels). It’s very near the industry of sight you can expect to get with a GoPro or a similar action camera, with a nice vast field of vision without the severe distortion you get with a fisheye lens.
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I’m not going to chat excessive regarding the design of the Olloclip lenses since I’ve examined them numerous times before, but I’ll offer a fast wrap-up. These are dual lenses that can work with the front-facing video camera or the rear-facing cam. Olloclip’s lens accessories are all made from a thick plastic and also are two sided, with each side integrating a different lens. Lenses are top notch, made of aluminum and also glass.
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On the Energetic Lens, there’s the abovementioned 155 level wide-angle lens on one side and also a 2x telephoto lens on the other side. It’s a strong mix that well complements the built-in cam. On one side, you’ve got a lens that’s excellent for capturing group tries and also landscapes, while on the other end, you’ve obtained a lens that benefits pictures and also other close-up shots.
There’s a lot of flexibility in between the wide-angle, the telephoto, as well as the built-in iPhone video camera, and also there’s no area thrown away on lenses that are simply situationally useful like macro or CPL.
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The ultra wide-angle lens is visiting allow you get a whole lot more in the picture, whether it be a landscape or a group selfie utilizing the front-facing video camera. This is a lens that functions with both the back and also front-facing cams– with the telephoto, there’s little need to utilize it to take a selfie.
Since this is an ultra-wide angle, there is guaranteed distortion at the sides of a graphic that’s almost like a subtle fisheye result. This is very noticeable when there are straight lines in a photo, or indoors, yet it’s much less noticeable with exterior activity chances as well as landscapes. The distortion is less obvious in images absorbed portrait mode or with a square crop.
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Some individuals are going to such as the pictures with the moderate fisheye result, while some will not. I like the small distortion, as well as it seems like an appropriate tradeoff for the capability to record a lot more in a try. If I desire a common image of a landscape, my apple iphone could do that with no lens. If I really want something a bit much more aesthetically appealing with a different flare, that’s exactly what the ultra-wide angle is for. It’s additionally wonderful for scenic views and also front-facing selfie shots.
The telephoto lens is a 2x optical zoom, which lets you get a little better to whatever it is you’re photographing. 2x zoom is beneficial in a great deal of scenarios because the iPhone’s focal size is so brief. I utilized it at a yard to get a closer try of some baby ducks. It’s likewise valuable for portraits, and it’s superior to the apple iphone’s built-in electronic zooming capabilities due to the fact that you’re not losing picture top quality. Actually, with both the telephoto and also the wide-angle lenses, the quality of the iPhone’s camera had not been weakened– shots were clear both with and also without the lenses.
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One caveat: with the telephoto lens, it’s harder for the apple iphone to focus, particularly on points that are close to the video camera. You may have to touch on the screen a couple of extra times to obtain a crisp photo. You’re likewise not going to want to trouble using the telephoto with the front-facing video camera. If you want a closer selfie, merely relocate your apple iphone closer to your face.

Bottom Line

If you use Olloclip’s lenses and also miss having an instance on your iPhone, the Ollocase is a must purchase. It’s reasonably valued at $29.99, it’s fairly thin, it offers an excellent quantity of security, and also it works perfectly with all of the business’s lenses for the apple iphone 6 as well as 6 Plus. Olloclip did an excellent job with the Ollocase.
Not working with an instance has actually consistently been the primary unfavorable to Olloclip’s items, so it behaves to have an option. Accessibility to a functional case might convince some folks who have actually resisted acquiring an Olloclip lens to attempt one out, and also I do recommend packing any kind of lens acquisition with a situation if you’re somebody who doesn’t like the threat of a naked iPhone.
As for the Energetic Lens, it’s a solid mix that works really well with the built-in iPhone camera. The telephoto as well as ultra wide-angle lenses are flexible and also can be made use of in practically any type of scenario to assist you obtain the excellent chance. For those of you that like the idea of a wide-angle as well as a telephoto to increase the array of the iPhone camera, the Active Lens is a solid choice. In a bunch of methods, it transcends to Olloclip’s various other lens providings, which have functions like macro that can’t be utilized as often.
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For those of you which don’t such as the look of the ultra wide-angle lens, take a look at the common Wide-Angle + Telephoto. It’s rather comparable, but the field of vision is narrower so there’s not as significantly distortion.

How to Buy

The Ollocase for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is priced at $29.99 as well as the Energetic Lens is valued at $99.99. Both items are readily available for buy from the Olloclip website.
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