There are hundreds of external battery loads offered for the iPhone, yet only a little subset of those are offered the Apple seal of approval as well as offered in Apple retailers as well as the Apple online site. MiPow’s 3,000 mAh Smart Power Tube is among the latest mobile batteries Apple offers, with a bunch of advantages like built-in billing cable televisions and also a coming with app.
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Design and Features

MiPow’s Smart Power Tube is, as the name recommends, tube formed. While it’s small sufficient to match pleasantly in a bag or a bag at simply over four inches long as well as an inch thick, it’s an odd form for a pocket and it isn’t really as practical to utilize while asking for an apple iphone like the flatter Mophie-style battery packs. It has a little coordinating bring bag so it can be gone down in a bag without fretting about scratches as well as scuffs.
The Smart Power Tube is readily available in black, white, grey, as well as a handful of intense sweet color tones: blue-green, eco-friendly, as well as pink. A smooth, soft-touch material covers the beyond the Smart Power Tube and a steel band divides the physical body from the cap of the device. On the metal band there are 3 LEDs that display the power level as well as a switch that activates television when it’s connecteded into an iPhone.
Underneath the cap, there’s a USB adapter for demanding the inner battery and also a cleverly placed Lightning cord that attaches the Power Tube to an apple iphone as well as holds the cap of the gadget in place. Overall, the Smart Power Tube feels like a costs product with collaborated color tones, clean lines, and also top quality materials.
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While I like that the Smart Power Tube has integrated cable televisions, the USB port that’s included is restricting. I typically charge my exterior battery packs utilizing a specialized micro-USB wire on my workdesk, however with the MiPow Smart Power Tube, I require to connect it directly right into my computer system to demand or stick it in a USB power adapter. This might not matter to most individuals who will appreciate having the ability to connect the Power Tube right into a computer to charge.
Given the size of the Smart Power Tube and the brief Lightning wire, it was uncomfortable utilizing my apple iphone while it was charging with the battery pack. With the Mophie battery pack I routinely utilize, it could be positioned out of the method behind the phone, yet that was very difficult with the Smart Power Tube considering that of the cap linked to the cable.
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With the cap in area, the Lightning wire created into the Smart Power Tube offers as a little deal with for bring it, which is a nice touch. It’s the ideal size to fit around a finger. Mentioning the cap, I should point out that it has to be removed in a specific way. According to MiPow, it ought to be deleted using an upward swipe with a thumb instead of pulled with the hand to avoid harm to the Lightning cable.
A thumb swipe where the Lightning cord is located stands out the cap straight off, whereas pulling from the top takes a whole lot more force, so I could see just how the Lightning cable television might unintentionally be ruined from being opened the upside-down. I am worried regarding the long-term feasibility of the Power Tube provided the capacity for harm to the cable, however I provided it a great anxiety examination (I pulled on it truly difficult a number of times) as well as the cord continued to be securely in place.
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I checked the Power Tube with my iPhone Sixes Plus. I drained the battery entirely to the point where the iPhone shut off, and afterwards connected in a fully billed Smart Tube. I plugged my iPhone in at 6:30 p.m., as well as by 10:00 p.m., I had worn down the Smart Tube’s battery. For an iPhone Sixes Plus with a 2,750 mAh battery, the Smart Tube billed it to 77 percent. Repetitive demanding sessions provided similar results.
The Smart Power Tube is not visiting charge an iPhone Sixes Plus to full, however it is going to provide enough power for a complete fee for the smaller capacity iPhone 6s, which has a 1,715 mAh battery. It’ll additionally give sufficient power for earlier apples iphone like the iPhone 5, 5c, and also 5s.
As for demanding, I connected it into my Retina MacBook Pro in at 9:30 a.m. as well as it got to a complete cost at approximately 12:30 p.m., which is in line with the approximated four hour billing time that MiPow listings for the gadget. It does not supply passthrough billing, so it’s not feasible to bill the MiPow and also the iPhone at the exact same time through its Lightning cable.


The Smart Power Tube has the ability to link to an iPhone via Bluetooth to allow iPhone customers to monitor its power degree by means of a going along with MiPow JuiceSync2 application. While this looks like an amazing concept on the surface, it really felt like a gimmick to me.
The application presents the power levels of the iPhone as well as the Power Tube, together with information on just how much standby, talk time, as well as Internet use that power corresponds to. The design of the app is obsoleted and it could be challenging to translate the information at a glance. apple iphone battery level goes to left, and Power Tube battery goes to the right. On top, there’s a number that is the consolidated battery level between the two.
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MiPow’s application will send out notifies when the Power Tube battery is low, when the iPhone requests too away from the Power Tube, as well as when the Power Tube temperature level gets expensive. None of these features worked to me during my time checking the tool, nor was a committed function that’s meant to allow users to find a shed Power Tube.
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‘Find Me’ switches on the LED lights of the tool, but given that there’s no audio, if it’s concealed away in a drawer or in a brilliant space, there’s no method to see the light. It has a radar that looks like it’s suggested to determine range, however it really did not work for me, fluctuating between full bars as well as two bars even when appropriate close to the Power Tube.
There were a few other app features I had not been able to obtain working or that didn’t function well. A monitoring attribute is intended to tape-record the point at which an iPhone as well as the Power Tube shed connection, but I could not get it to record my location, despite having area services as well as all informs switched on. A ‘Ring Me’ function is intended to create the apple iphone to ring, but it didn’t. Remarkably enough, the switch on the Power Tube did manage the volume on my apple iphone when connected via Bluetooth, permitting it to be utilized as a distant to break photos.
Getting a sharp when the apple iphone is vacated array from the Power Tube is the only semi-useful function due to the fact that it can remind users not to fail to remember the Power Tube (or the apple iphone, if the Power Tube remains in a bag and also the phone itself is left behind), however that feature alone didn’t appear worth the battery drainpipe I experienced from the apple iphone’s Bluetooth link to the Smart Tube. It likewise really did not seem to set off accurately in my testing, waiting till I was much out of Bluetooth variety prior to sending a notification.
For reference, the battery tracking application that comes with the Power Tube accountabled for approximately 12 percent of the overall battery drain of my phone over the last numerous days, and on the same level with background usage of social media apps like Twitter. I used the app with its complete capacities enabled for testing purposes, yet disabling its capability to use area services might reduce on that particular battery usage.
The Smart Power Tube could be utilized completely without the app, which would be my liked use case. The three LEDs on the side display sufficient entry regarding its battery degree, and because it consistently takes the very same time to demand and discharge its battery into an iPhone, there’s little have to get specifics on its power level in the app. I really did not seem like connection functions were worth the loss of battery life, however people that desire a closer check out battery life or reminders not to forget their Power Tube might have a various opinion on the app.

Bottom Line

Since this is a 3,000 mAh battery, it’s finest for apple iphone 6s customers and also those with earlier iPhone models. It’s not going to ask for an apple iphone 6s Plus to complete, and also it doesn’t provide adequate capability to be ideal for an iPad. For an iPhone 6s Plus or iPad user, I ‘d advise a significantly a lot more effective external battery pack.
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At $49.95, the Smart Power Tube is valued on the greater side, yet it comes in a cute, small package and it has a built-in Lightning cord as well as USB port for billing. It’s something a great deal of people might identify an impulse when visiting the Apple Store.
The consisted of features typically aren’t going to deserve the additional money for most users when easy battery packs could be purchased for half the expense on Amazon, yet some could appreciate the convenience, the design, as well as the going along with application that offers a clear picture of the cost level.
Buyers need to recognize potential disadvantages to the Power Tube, including its odd form that stops the iPhone from being utilized comfortably while charging, the demand to be cautious with the Lightning cable, and also the battery drainpipe the Bluetooth connection as well as app cause.

  • Cute design with fun colors
  • Portable
  • Integrated Lightning cable
  • Integrated USB connector
  • Button on Power Tube acts as apple iphone camera shutter (through Bluetooth)


  • 3,000 mAh battery is only suitable for smaller devices
  • Shape is somewhat awkward
  • Integrated USB port restrictions recharging methods
  • App isn’t very useful
  • App drains battery

How to Buy

The MiPow Smart Power Tube can be acquired from the on the internet Apple Site for $49.95.
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