Late in 2013, Mophie revealed its most current lineup of Powerstation exterior batteries, offering a number of slim new options for recharging mobile devices on the go. The schedule consists of 5 models: 1X (2,000 mAh), 2X (4,000 mAh), 3X (6,000 mAh), 5X (10,000 mAh), and also 8X (15,000 mAh), with prices varying from $40 to $150. Mophie’s Powerstation batteries are available from a variety of outlets, consisting of Apple’s own online as well as stores for the majority of the lineup.
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Mophie sent me both the 2X and also 8X ranges for screening functions, and also I have actually been using them as my key exterior batteries for the previous several months.


Mophie’s batteries absolutely typically aren’t low-cost, yet they do come in appealing layouts operating with top quality products, so a bit of a price costs is to be expected. The cases of the most recent Powerstation designs are made totally or practically totally of aluminum with a matte coating, well suiting Apple’s most prominent silver color. They showcase a slim design that makes them simple to slip into a handbag, bag, and even a pocket for the smaller sized variations, together with a sizable, top notch feeling. A button and also four LEDs along the side of each battery makes it easy to promptly examine approximate fee degree. As is typical of Mophie items, the Powerstation layout and also feel are terrific.


Rather than consisting of a built-in cable television as Mophie does on a few of its other outside batteries such as the Powerstation And also line, the Powerstation merely includes a standard USB port to enable users to link whatever sort of charging cable televisions they require for their devices. A micro-USB port is additionally consisted of for recharging the battery, as well as a separate USB to micro-USB cable is consisted of with the battery. The demand for different cords provides friendly versatility for billing different kinds of gadget, yet it could complicate your packing a bit and creates another thing to forget.
As you go up the line of Powerstation models, Mophie provides more connectivity options to enhance the efficiency of the batteries. The 1X includes a single USB port that could charge at 1.8 amps, offering basic recharging capabilities. Boosting to the 2X not just increases the battery capacity to 4000 mAh, however improves the outcome of the USB port to 2.4 amps for faster charging and includes pass-through billing offer that allows the phone or tablet to bill initially, adhered to by the battery. The 3X includes a 2nd USB port to permit individuals to charge 2 tools at when at 2.4 amps while also giving 6000 mAh of power.
Things get a bit more interesting once you relocate to the state-of-the-art 5X (10,000 mAh) and 8X (15,000 mAh) levels. Both designs lug the exact same features (other than the 8X is clearly larger as well as larger with the added capacity), consisting of a set of USB ports with pass-through billing capability. Both designs additionally support Bluetooth Low Power connection, permitting you to wirelessly couple the battery with your phone. On the phone, a Mophie Power application allows you monitor fee level of both your phone and the battery, along with established up notifications. The 5X as well as 8X batteries likewise sustain 15-watt fast billing for both input and also result, but Apple’s tools are not compatible with the quick billing requirements therefore are not able to make the most of this feature.


The latest Powerstations look excellent, however how do they carry out? With 2.4-amp outcome on almost the most affordable end design, the Powerstation should reenergize tools almost as quickly as charging from a 12-watt wall surface adapter, and while it resembles those speeds with several tools, I discovered this wasn’t always the case.
The difference accountable rate was relatively tiny on devices such as my iPhone 6s Plus and also iPad Air 2, taking about 10– 20 percent longer to demand from a Powerstation compared to from the wall surface. It’s a small yet not irrelevant difference in demanding times.
With my iPad Pro, nevertheless, it took two times as long to bill from the Powerstation for some factor. The iPad Pro already takes near to 5 hours to demand from zero to One Hundred Percent from a 12-watt wall surface battery charger running at 2.4 amps, however when demanding from the Powerstation 8X, it takes roughly ten hrs to deliver a full charge. Provided, the iPad Pro is an extreme case given its enormous battery, but even for normal tools, it’s going to take a minimum of a bit longer than you anticipate. Therefore, I have actually discovered myself utilizing the batteries more for keeping tools complemented in shorter spurts compared to for letting my devices run a lot of the means down before attaching them to the battery.
These figures are for charging the device directly from battery, and it deserves noting that billing is even a little bit slower in pass-through method, with the battery pressing just regarding 1 amp of present to the device. You do certainly gain the positive aspect of billing both the device and also the battery in this method if you could let them rest for an extended period of time such as overnight.
As with any type of power banking institution, demanding rate of the battery itself can be a concern as you relocate to higher capacities. With its massive 15,000 mAh battery, the Powerstation 8X calls for like 8 hrs to fully recharge from a 12-watt wall surface adapter. That’s a lengthy time, however on the plus side you’re carrying sufficient juice to demand both an iPad Pro and an apple iphone from 0 to One Hundred Percent while you’re on the go.

App Integration

The Mophie Power app is a great buddy to the high-end 5X as well as 8X batteries, offering convenient files on charge condition of the battery and your device, along with data on charging prices and time till fully billed. Default informs consist of 100 % charged and a 20 % low battery caution for both the battery itself and also the paired device. Custom-made informs for any battery degree between 10 as well as 90 percent in increments of 10 percent can likewise be set.
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The application additionally gives numerous ideas for enhancing battery life, including activating auto-brightness, automatic screen lock, and also low power mode, and staying clear of extreme temperature levels and also extreme video camera flash usage.
Overall, the application isn’t really super fancy, but it behaves information to have handy. There is, nonetheless, one instead mystifying noninclusion because the Mophie Power application is not compatible with iPads. The App Shop limits straight installation to iPhones, and also while you can set up the app on an iPad in a roundabout method by downloading it via your purchase record, you’re left with a blown-up apple iphone interface as well as the application refuses to pair with the battery.

Bottom Line

Mophie is a prominent brand with a long history of making Apple devices, and also Apple trust ins the company sufficient to lug its products in Apple’s online and also retail stores, something that goes a long method toward getting Mophie’s equipments in front of consumers. And also as typical, the design of the most recent Powerstation lineup is wonderful, with a solid aluminum body that’s slim sufficient to conveniently fit the smaller ones in a pocket and also the bigger ones in a purse or slim computer bag. That stated, the Powerstation lineup is quite pricey compared to a few other choices on the marketplace, so you may desire to take that right into consideration when making your acquiring decision.

  • Sturdy, beautiful layout that matches Apple’s aesthetic
  • Range of capabilities to fit various needs and budgets
  • App integration gives responses on fee levels


  • Expensive as compared to other popular brands
  • Charging speeds do not seem to always reach 2.4 amps, especially on iPad Pro
  • App isn’t really compatible with iPads

How to Buy

The full schedule of Powerstation batteries is available on Mophie’s internet site and also, while Apple carries the 2X ($60), 3X ($80), 5X ($130), and 8X ($150) models in its online and also retail stores.
Note: Mophie provided Powerstation 8X and also 2X batteries to MacRumors complimentary of charge for the objectives of this review. No other settlement was received.

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