With watchOS 2, Apple introduced a brand-new attribute called Night table mode, which allows the Apple Watch be utilized as a nighttime clock and also early morning alarm when it’s connected to the charger. Nightstand mode just works while the Apple Watch is placed in landscape mode on its side, rendering a bunch of early Apple Watch docks and stands much less useful.
Going ahead, device manufacturers will likely concentrate on making items that deal with the brand-new Nightstand function, but tiny Apple Watch dock maker Schuttenworks has already created an easy, top notch watchOS 2-compatible Apple Watch asking for stand called the Ripple.
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I’ve been making use of the Ripple on my nightstand for numerous weeks currently, and I have just good ideas to claim about it. It’s an appealing, unnoticeable stand that collaborates with all Apple Watch versions and all bands, both shut as well as open-loop, as well as at $54, it’s not a bad value.
Like its predecessor the Wave, which we assessed earlier this year, the Surge utilizes a clever split design and magnet system to lock the Apple Watch wall charger in place and keep the cord from sight.
The Ripple comes in two items, which snap together using 2 wooden pegs and also two sets of magnets. Setup includes pulling the 2 items apart, suitable the battery charger in the intermediary on top, routing the cable via the cable television intermediary, and snapping the 2 items back with each other again.
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The 2 halves of the Surge are completely machined and meshed flush with an almost unnoticeable seam, so it looks like a single item of wood that’s been designed around the Apple Watch billing cord. The Apple Watch charger likewise remains firmly in place, many thanks to micro suction tape that sits in the wood intermediary of the Ripple.
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Many Apple Watch bases on the marketplace have a large base for stability, yet the Ripple does not. Rather, it uses the same micro suction tape that holds the wall charger in position to keep it securely abided by a workdesk or other flat area. I have actually a repainted desk that I kept it on, and also during the screening process, the micro tape did no damage to my desk, and also with the micro tape, the Surge really did not move about at all. It’s a very tough setup and I appreciated the percentage of space this stand takes up on my night table.
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The Surge comes in 2 selections, one for the Apple Watch Sporting activity and also one for the stainless-steel Apple Watch and also Apple Watch Edition. The reason for this is since the various watches ship with different-sized battery chargers. An Apple Watch Sport stand could likewise deal with a stainless-steel Apple See with an added piece of the micro suction tape, and also the variation I had let my stainless-steel Apple Watch wall charger sit at merely the best height to function with my Apple Watch.
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When assembled, the Apple Watch sits lengthwise on the small ledge of the Surge and is held in place by the magnet in the Apple Watch battery charger. The Surge looks best with a band that’s closed, yet it likewise collaborates with an open band like an unlooped Apple Watch Sporting activity band. Due to the fact that the Apple Watch merely relaxes on the ledge of the stand, the Surge works with all Apple Watch bands, from the hefty closed-loop Link Bracelet to the open loophole Apple Watch Sport band.
Since the Apple Watch sits in landscape method on the Ripple, watchOS 2’s Nightstand mode is completely practical. With the Ripple attracting little focus to the Apple Watch, it allows the alarm clock function of the gadget luster. It looks fantastic on an evening table and it’s very easy to review, yet the Surge is a short stand. Some people might choose something a little taller, but also for me, it was right at eye level and also straightforward to see and accessibility in the night.
All of the Schuttenworks stands are produced in tiny batches in Portland, Oregon, as well as polishing and also sanding is done manually. I have actually had hands-on time with two Schuttenworks stands, as well as both have actually been durable without any imperfections to be seen.

Bottom Line

The Surge’s little impact, simple layout, as well as compatibility with all watchOS 2 features make it one of the best Apple Watch stands I have actually utilized. Its timber style could not interest customers that choose stands made of light weight aluminum or one more product, however for customers looking for a dock with a timeless, inconspicuous appearance, the Surge is a fantastic choice.
I have actually located the Ripple to be a suitable Apple Watch stand for traveling. It’s small as well as light sufficient that it doesn’t occupy much area in a bag or traveling bag, as well as it’s a better remedy than making use of the Apple Watch wall charger alone when far from home.
At $54, it’s more costly compared to a few of the less expensive Apple Watch bases on the market, but it is comparable in rate to the higher-quality stands from companies like Twelve South and also Mophie, and also its develop feature makes it well worth the costs cost.
I had few grievances regarding the Ripple and also I don’t think twice to suggest it to any person who discovers the visual appealing.

  • Simple but attractive design
  • Compatible with Nightstand mode
  • Small footprint
  • Clever cable-hiding construction


  • On the expensive side
  • Wood might not interest all tastes

How to Buy

The Ripple could be bought from the Schuttenworks website for $54. It works with both the stainless steel Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sporting activity, as well as it comes in Cherry, Mahogany, as well as Walnut woods.
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