There are a vast array of Produced iPhone Apple-certified controllers on the marketplace these days, but the Gamevice is unique because it transforms the iPad mini right into a portable video gaming console. The controller matches on either side of the iPad mini, connecting straight right into the Lightning port for a lag-free, dependable gaming experience.
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There are several similar controllers for the iPhone, but the Gamevice is the only choice that allows you hold the iPad mini while playing, so there’s no need for a stand or a standard surface to relax the tablet computer on. I went hands-on with the Gamevice to see how it compares with a lot more common controllers on the market, and also while I had not been impressed with the size, I did delight in the gameplay experience.


The Gamevice consists of two halves of a controller that are held with each other with a soft, versatile item of rubber. The left side of the controller has an analog stick, a d-pad, and a power button, while the right side of the controller has a second analog stick, a pause button, and also 4 action buttons in an acquainted ABXY Xbox-style design. There are likewise two collections of trigger switches on each side of the controller. Layout smart, the Gamevice looks like the item of a mating between the Xbox One controller and also the Wii U GamePad.
Made of a light-weight matte black plastic, the controller body really feels a little bit affordable, yet if it were constructed from a larger material, it would certainly be also heavy to hold for lengthy durations of time. Products sensible, I would certainly say it gets on par with numerous of the some people Made for iPhone game controllers on the marketplace, however the buttons/analog sticks transcend high quality and really feel far better underhand. Actually, I would certainly recommend this is the MFi controller with a feel closest to the Xbox One controller as a result of how much it borrows from Microsoft.
The analog sticks are smooth and easy to make use of, similar to the analog sticks on an Xbox One controller, and they have rubber around the top for a solid grip. The action switches additionally advised me of an Xbox controller, as well as while they sound really clicky when pressed (as do the triggers), they’re smooth and easy to push without any sticking. The d-pad is a standard four-direction pad as well as not one of the circular directional pads that are on lots of other similar controllers.
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Underneath each side of the controller, there’s a plastic Xbox-style grasp, which suits well in the hand as well as makes the entire thing easy to hold even with the iPad in place.
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There’s a Lightning port on the appropriate side of the controller, which is where the base of the iPad fits. To get the controller on the iPad, all-time low goes in first, with the Lightning port installation over the Lightning port, and afterwards the various other side of the controller matches over the top of the iPad. It takes some handling to obtain the iPad right into the controller, however it’s by no implies a challenging process.
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It’s fairly simple to draw both halves apart to match the iPad in or to take it out, which is an advantage considering that you’re not visiting wish to make use of the iPad for any sort of job various other than gaming while it’s embeded the oversized controller. Because of the means the controller fits over the iPad mini, it can’t be used with a Smart Cover or other type of case.
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The Gamevice has an 800mAh battery that lasts for up to 30 hrs and it supports travel through billing so the iPad mini can be billed over micro-USB without having to quit gaming. There’s a small button under that could be pushed to disclose just how much battery is left via integrated LEDs. The Gamevice likewise includes a headset jack, as well as it’s best to utilize earphones because without them, noise is smothered because the back of the iPad is lodged inside the controller.
The Gamevice works with the iPad mini, the iPad mini 2, the iPad mini 3, as well as the recently launched iPad mini 4. It fits securely on my iPad mini 2, however I picture there’s some shake area with the iPad mini 4 considering that it’s much thinner. It does not suit any type of various other iPad, yet Gamevice is dealing with a version for the iPad Air as well as an additional for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus.


Because the two fifty percents of the Gamevice do not split up, this is not a portable controller. I do not see this as a controller you’re going to wish to travel with since it’s not going to fit easily right into a bag or a knapsack. It occupies a great deal of area, and also with an iPad housed within, it’s also bigger.
That claimed, it’s surprisingly comfy to hold, even for long periods of time. I wasn’t a follower of the dimension of the controller entering this evaluation, however when pc gaming, being able to hold the iPad both in my hands as well as close to my face made the video gaming encounter a lot more immersive. With the Gamevice, I seemed like a had a mini console in my hands.
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I must mention the Gamevice’s distinct form. When holding the Gamevice, I hold my wrists further out than I would with a typical controller because of the Gamevice’s design and vast dimension. Having my wrists angled out similar to this had not been very uneasy, but I did obtain some stabs of pain after a few hours of gameplay. The manner in which this controller is held may be a deal breaker for some, though.
Though it wasn’t challenging to hold, I did sit the Gamevice in my lap when I played games with it, and also this became a comfortable video gaming placement. I didn’t need a flat surface to hold my iPad upright while using it, so it was excellent to make use of to play video games while on the couch enjoying tv. I have small hands, but I didn’t have trouble reaching any one of the buttons (in addition to the trigger switches, those are hard for me to reach on any controller) or using any of the controls, and it ought to be equally comfortable for larger hands too.
Because the Gamevice uses a Lightning connection instead of Bluetooth, there’s never any lag or interruptions to gameplay as a result of a loss of Bluetooth connectivity. The majority of Bluetooth controllers function well, but issues can surface occasionally, and also that’s not a trouble with the Gamevice. It’s also not going to drain battery like a Bluetooth controller does.
The efficiency of the Gamevice across various games depends upon how well the controls have been carried out. There are some games that do a terrific work with exterior controllers, and also in others, it’s clear that controller assistance was an overall afterthought. However there’s no chance to inform just how well a controller will certainly carry out in a game without playing it.

Gamevice Live App

Finding games that utilize Made for apple iphone controllers isn’t always very easy. There’s no reliable way to look for them in the App Establishment, a problem that Gamevice has actually tried to solve with its Gamevice Live app.
Gamevice Live has a broad selection of games that have executed controller assistance, and it’s worth downloading and install also if you do not have a Gamevice. It’s made to look specifically like the App Shop, organizing games right into different classifications like Favorites, New Games, Free Gamings, and Paid Games.
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There’s likewise an ‘Explore’ section that destroys games down right into various groups, and there’s a search attribute to look for particular titles. I found the Gamevice application to be a fantastic source for discovering material suitable with exterior controllers.

Bottom Line

My largest issue with the Gamevice was mobility. It’s large and an unpleasant form, which means it’s not fantastic for taking with me when I travel or when out and also around. It’s something that’s better for house consumption simply due to its dimension and also the area it would certainly take up in a purse or bag.
Since it’s sized to suit the iPad mini, it’s not a wonderful selection for individuals which have a number of Apple gadgets. An individual with an apple iphone and an iPad which plans to video game with both would be far better off with a traditional Bluetooth controller that can deal with several tools. It’s additionally just ideal for games that are played in landscape mode.
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Most Made for apple iphone controllers have actually generally been priced high, however costs have actually been coming down lately. SteelSeries, Mad Catz, as well as MOGA all make controllers that can be bought for much less compared to $100, making the cost of the Gamevice comparatively high. Is it worth virtually dual exactly what a few other controllers set you back? Except everybody, yet the top quality of the buttons as well as the analog sticks will certainly make it a rewarding acquisition for some.
The Gamevice does offer a comfortable, lag-free gaming experience, yet it’s a hard sell as a result of that cost and its incompatibility with other gadgets. I ‘d definitely advise the Gamevice to devoted iPad mini gamers that just intend to game on a solitary gadget, yet those searching for more versatility or far better transportability must consider other controllers.

  • Lightning based link is lag free
  • Controller fits to hold
  • Buttons, d-pad, as well as analog sticks are great quality
  • Doesn’t need a standard surface/stand for the iPad
  • Fits all iPad mini models


  • Limited to the iPad mini
  • Landcape mode only
  • Bulky and not very portable
  • Expensive as compared to some people controllers

How to Buy

The Gamevice Controller for iPad mini is offered from for $99.95. It’s additionally offered from Target and also