Twelve South is an accessory company that’s understood for its top notch represent the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so it’s not a surprise that it was one of the initial to announce a dock for the Apple Watch.

The Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch adheres to in the footprints of the firm’s other HiRise docks, providing an Apple Watch storage and asking for remedy that’s eye-catching, well-designed, and ideal for use in a broad stove of areas, from a workdesk in an office to a nightstand in a bedroom.

I’ve been making use of the HiRise for Apple Watch for over a week now, as have a few of my associates both at MacRumors and TouchArcade, and also the universal agreement is that it’s a terrific stand, albeit with a premium price tag.
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HiRise for Apple Watch is made from cleaned metal and also is readily available in black or silver to match the surfaces of the Apple Watch Sport as well as basic Apple Watch. It also matches the firm’s HiRise products for various other gadgets, if you occur to own any of those.

There’s a round intermediary for the Apple Watch wall charger (you will certainly need to generate your very own) and a rectangle-shaped cutout for the band, permitting it to deal with all Apple Watch bands, from the open Sport-style to the closed-loop Milanese. Cutouts are edged in soft silicone, so at no issue does the Apple Watch come in contact with metal.
As I’ve learned very first hand, the Apple Watch in stainless-steel is exceptionally prone to scratching. When searching for a dock for the Apple Watch, it’s a good idea to make certain all surfaces on the dock that touch the watch are covered with something that doesn’t have the prospective to induce damage.
The HiRise’s base steps in at 3.9 inches by 4.76 inches, offering it adequate area to rest on a workdesk or table without tottering or moving when an Apple Watch is positioned on it. All-time low of the base is likewise covered in rubber for additional grip.
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Twelve South ships the HiRise for Apple Watch in numerous pieces, so some setting up is needed. There’s the base, the portion of the stand that holds the Apple Watch, and also a cable cover, covered in natural leather. Twelve South calls the cord cover a ‘landing pad,’ with the leather in area to prevent the clasp of a band from being damaged should it come in call with the base of the dock.
The stand matches the base and is after that held in place with the cord cover. Twelve South includes a screw in the plan to secure the stand to the base, and also while the directions suggest this is optional, I would certainly advise utilizing it (also though installing it is a bit discouraging). Without the screw in area, the stand could be pressed in reverse when a percentage of make is generated, making the configuration really feel unsteady. If you intend to travel with the dock, you might not intend to utilize the screw, as it avoids it from being easily disassembled.
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An Apple Watch wall charger matches the circular intermediary on top of the HiRise, while the cable is directed down the back and also under the cable television cover, where it could then be plugged into the adapter for charging. The wall charger fits flawlessly into the intermediary and is held in place by the aforementioned silicone.

I never ever had a problem with the magnetic asking for plate coming loose from the stand, but if it does obtain knocked out of area, it can be re-secured by pushing it back in. If you should remove the Apple Watch Charging Cable television from the HiRise, it takes just secs to pop it out as well as launch the cord.
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Because of the cutout for the band, the Apple Watch can be put on the HiRise with the band fastened or unlocked. Some bands, like the Milanese Loop, are closed-band styles, while others, like the Sporting activity, are open layouts. An open-band Apple Watch can arrested for the band flat as well as open or with it closed, and in either alignment, the Apple Watch stays firmly in place.
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Most people most likely do not use our Apple Watches while they’re demanding, yet the HiRise places the Apple Watch at a slanted angle that makes it simple to inspect the time throughout the evening or snooze an alarm in the morning.
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Bottom Line

Overall, I had no complaints concerning the Apple Watch HiRise from Twelve South. It does everything I would certainly expect an Apple Watch dock to do, which includes looking good on my workdesk, holding my watch and also making it simple to put the watch on the charger.

It is a remarkable remedy to a bare demanding wire that requires the watch to be placed standard on a workdesk, as it keeps the Apple Watch boosted and also out of damages way. It’s likewise quicker to stick the Apple Watch on the HiRise compared to it is to fiddle with selecting up a cable as well as ensuring it’s lined up properly.

No one that purchases the HiRise for Apple Watch is going to be let down with how it carries out, however it deserves noting that $50 is a lot to spend for a device that does little even more than give you an attractive location to put your watch.
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How to Buy

HiRise for Apple Watch could be acquired from the Twelve South site for $49.99.