Twelve South was among the first business ahead out with an Apple Watch stand, revealing its HiRise for Apple Watch prior to the wrist-worn device also released, but with watchOS 2, Apple introduced Nightstand mode, a function that needed the Apple Watch to be placed in landscape method on its side.
The HiRise isn’t made to be made use of in landscape mode, so as an outcome, Twelve South has releaseded a 2nd Apple Watch stand, the Forté. The Forté operates in both portrait and landscape method, so it has the ability to be used with Nightstand mode. Twelve South also dealt with Apple on this layout, so the Forté is among just a handful of Apple Watch stands available in Apple retail stores.
When it involves make, the Forté doesn’t look extremely different from the dozens of various other Apple Watch bases on the market, however it does flaunt first class fabrics and also a shape that’s both flexible and eye-catching. It consists of a leather-covered heavy chrome base as well as a chrome arm that holds the Apple Watch charger.
The base is larger compared to the base of the HiRise, however it has the perk of being an ideal spot to relax an open-loop band on. When an Apple Watch isn’t really on the Forté, or when it’s made use of with a closed-loop band, it’s the best size to hold an iPhone. On workdesks with little area, it’s a great little billing system for both an Apple Watch and an iPhone. On the base, there’s a silicone pad for some added grasp on a desktop computer or night stand surface.
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Unfortunately, the Forté only comes in chrome with a black natural leather base, so it’s not going to match well with all Apple Watch versions, specifically the Gold and also Rose Gold Apple Watch Sport.
As with a lot of Apple Watch stands, you’re visiting have to provide your very own Apple Watch cord. There’s just one base on the market right now that has a built-in Apple Watch asking for puck, as well as that stand originates from Belkin. We’ll likely see even more of those in the future, but also for now, utilizing your very own cord is still a necessity.
Setting up the Forté is simple, and it’s painless sufficient that it will not be a job to take the Apple Watch battery charger in as well as out of the stand. There’s a little chrome-colored plastic cap that breaks off of the top, and also the asking for puck fits neatly right into the silicone-coated chrome arm.
It collaborates with both the thicker Apple Watch Sporting activity charger and also the thinner typical Apple Watch battery charger. The battery charger for my stainless-steel Apple Watch was a bit recessed when snuggled right into the arm of the Forté as a result of its thinner style, yet it was still able to hold my Apple Watch in position without problem.
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Once the billing puck remains in area, the chrome cap can be put back on and also the wire could be routed down the arm of the Forté, where it’s directed to the rear of the stand. The intermediary on the back of the arm of the Forté is relatively deep and also holds the Apple Watch cable television safely, so there’s no risk of it appearing. In this groove, the cable television looks clean sufficient, yet I would have chosen a style that kept the wire entirely unseen and also really did not look rather unfinished.
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Making the cap that matches over the Apple Watch wall charger from plastic could appear like an odd choice when the remainder of the Apple Watch stand is made from metal, however considering that it’s plastic, there’s no risk of it damaging the Apple Watch throughout charging.
Twelve South accurately placed a bunch of thought into the design of the Forté, because it works well in any type of orientation as well as with both closed and also open-loop bands. When used with an open loop band like the Sporting activity Band, the black natural leather covering the base sees to it no component of the band is scratched.
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When utilized with a closed loophole band in picture mode, the band matches over the bend in the arm of the Forté, keeping it in location. My single complaint here is that the arm is really a bit much from the asking for puck. My bands (and my wrists) get on the smaller side, so when closed up, I require to make them bigger in order to fit them on the stand.
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Because of the bend in the arm of the Forté, even heavy bands like the Link Bracelet are held in area without any issue, and also there’s really little opportunity the Apple Watch will be knocked off the stand mistakenly many thanks to that additional level of security.
When utilized in landscape alignment, as is required for Night table mode in watchOS 2, the Apple Watch fits sidewards on the Forté, where it’s held in area only by the magnetic Apple Watch demanding puck. Landscape positioning isn’t really fairly as protected as picture method due to the fact that there’s no added arm holding the band up, yet the slightly recessed fit of the Apple Watch charger integrated with the silicone around the asking for puck held my Apple Watch tightly.
Landscape mode, like picture mode, works with all the various Apple Watch bands, yet it looks much neater with a closed-loop band than an open loop band. A closed-loop band rests perfectly airborne, while completions of an open loophole band will sit on the leather base.
Regardless of whether the Apple Watch is made use of in landscape or picture alignment, it’s going to be in a placement that makes it very easy to see the Apple Watch face as a result of the angle of the Forté. The arm of the Forté is angled slightly downwards, putting the Apple Watch at an excellent viewing angle at all times.

Bottom Line

The Forté is just one of the pricier standalone Apple Watch stands on the marketplace, yet its build top quality, its careful style, as well as its adaptability make it worth the cost. Whether you choose to demand your Apple Watch in picture mode or benefit from landscape method for the Nightstand function, the Forté assists it.
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With its curved arm as well as its soft natural leather base, the Forté likewise collaborates with all Apple Watch bands or as a platform for the apple iphone, and this ability to function in a multitude of methods is unquestionably why Apple opted to stock the Forté in its retail stores.
The Forté’s chrome visual is not going to attract all customers considering that it doesn’t match all Apple Watches, so because of that, matched with the high rate tag, some people could choose to opt for other Apple Watch stand options on the market.

  • Works with Nightstand mode
  • Versatile, functions well with all bands
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Base can hold iPhone


  • Slightly a lot more pricey than comparable stands
  • Doesn’t suit all Apple Watch models
  • Design with visible cable television looks unfinished

How to Buy

The Forté can be acquired from the Twelve South web site for $59.99 and it is additionally available in Apple retail places in the Usa and also Canada.
Note: MacRumors got no compensation for this review.