Apple TELEVISION rival Roku has announced a refresh of its line of set-top home entertainment boxes, with the new Roku LT, Roku 1, and Roku 2 models signing up with the flagship Roku 3 that was announced in March, along with a brand-new service allowing for the purchase and rental of movies and TV shows.

Specifically, the entry-level Roku LT retails at $49.99 and allows streaming to essentially any TV with support for 720p HD video quality, with the higher-end Roku 1 providing support for up to 1080p video quality and retailing at $59.99. Furthermore, the Roku 2 provides the exact same 1080p video streaming as the Roku 1, but likewise borrows the Roku 3’s premium remote with built-in headset jack and dual-band wireless capabilities and now retails for $79.99. The Roku 3 remains the same at $99.99, and features numerous networks for streaming content and movement gestures with its remote.

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We are delighted to reveal that streaming will get even better with our all-new household of Roku players. First, like all things Roku, we attempt to streamline everything about streaming, right to our product names. The new family showcases the new Roku 1 and Roku 2 to go alongside the Roku 3 that we launched earlier this year. We’ve also updated our entry level item, the Roku LT, providing all present Roku gamers a fun, friendly design.

Second, in the nick of time for fall TELEVISION viewing, we’ve actually included some terrific new features to provide clients more satisfaction and value. For example, we’ve actually added a headset jack for exclusive listening and dual-band wireless to the Roku 2, and support for 1080p HD video to the Roku 1.

Roku is likewise introducing the M-GO movie and TV shop, integrated directly on the device’s house display menu in the UNITED STATE for simple and instant access to a wide variety of movies and TELEVISION programs consisting of The Hangover 3 and Breaking Bad. The service likewise allows for direct billing with a Roku account for buying and leasing material.

The step by Roku comes as Apple could be planning to release an upgraded Apple TV box next month, and comes after the Apple TELEVISION 6.0 Software Update last week that included iTunes Radio and AirPlay from iCloud functionality.