It’s that time once again. Well, possibly. Potentially. The annual Steam Summer season Sale, the sales event for game enthusiasts who like their interactive adventurers served on Mac OS or Windows instead of consoles, can pop up as early as tomorrow. And if you’ve actually never once checked it out, you should. For the period of about 10 days, the popular digital circulation platform knocks up to 95 percent off a few of games’s important titles, with rates far much better than you’ll find in utilized games outlets like GameStop.

Like a lot of rumors, the information first appeared on Reddit, where an individual by the name of vexos published a message from QIWI, one of Steam’s Russian e-commerce partners, mentioning that the sale would begin on July 11. Not long after, another among Steam’s Russian e-commerce partners, Yandex. Money revealed comparable information. (Bear in mind when the Russians were excellent at hiding?) From there, the news spread like wildfire on gaming websites till VG24/7 announced that they ‘d obstructed an email from Steam’s customer support division announcing that the sale begins tomorrow.

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This might be good news for us (if not, as followers of the sale like to explain, great information for our pocketbooks), however remember that even with the appearance of 2 considerable pieces of evidence– all this simply amounts to rumor. But even if the actual date’s a little off, the sale itself can’t be too far away as we are already well into summertime (although we are several days ahead of the date when the sale dropped in 2012).

But when it does happen, you can count on us at Mac|Life to deliver a rundown of the very best offers for those of you who like playing games on your Macs.

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