The continuous legal fight between Apple and Samsung reveals no sign of abating and last evening, UNITED STATE Area Court Judge Lucy Koh provided a ruling that rejected Samsung a new trial over the ‘bounce-back’ patent, reports CNET.

Apple initially accused even more than 20 Samsung smartphones and tablets of infringing on its ‘bounce-back’ patent, which was submitted back in December 2007. The patent, No. 7,469,381 entitled ‘List scrolling and paper translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen screen’, suggested that users who’d scrolled to the top or bottom of a screen or document would be revealed ‘a location beyond the edge of the paper’, colloquially referred to as a ‘bounce-back’ or ‘rubber band’, which is incorporated into the device’s os.

The patent had actually faced possible invalidation upon reexamination by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, however the vital case of the patent made use of against Samsung was ultimately promoted.
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Similar implementations of the attribute were carried out on a variety of non-Apple devices, with Apple targeting Samsung for infringement of the patent. The patent in question also covers various other gadget activities, such as dragging papers around the screen.

Although Apple was preliminarily granted around $1.05 billion in damages due to copyright breach, this quantity was minimized by virtually half back in March when Samsung asked for a brand-new trial to set modified damage amounts, which will commence in November of this year. Samsung had likewise sought to delay that new trial, but as kept in mind by FOSS Patents, Judge Koh also denied that motion the other day.

Neither Apple nor Samsung have provided any comment on this decision.