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Samsung filed a newly-discovered hallmark with the USPTO dated July 29 for the Galaxy Gear, a name for ‘wearable digital electronic gadgets through a wristwatch, wrist band or bangle capable of providing access to the Internet and for sending out and getting phone calls, e-mails and messages.’ It’s as clear a move as Apple making an application for an iWatch hallmark in various nations worldwide that the Korean company is working with a smartwatch.

Previous reports have stated that Samsung is dealing with a smartwach gadget, and technical patents filed for by the business recommend it’s reviewing designs with flexible screens, though that tech might still be a couple of years out according to sources in the display production industry. However, the trademark declaring indicates Samsung is serious about laying out ground in the wearable market, whether or not it prepares to bring those products to consumers simply yet.

A Samsung smartwatch would likely be an Android-based affair to partner up with the business’s line of Galaxy Android-based smartphones and tablets, however evaluating by the wording of the patent it might be capable of acting alone to perform a variety of functions, without always requiring a smartphone tether. Even if it does require a smartphone to be linked, the Gear looks like a way for Amazon to remains in the game needs to Apple come out with its much-rumored iWatch.

The iWatch has actually been rumored for a long while now, but Apple began securing hallmarks for the name in Japan, Mexico and various other countries last month, even though it deals with competition from others who already hold the mark in other crucial markets. Apple has actually been onboarding brand-new staff to tackle the iWatch task, according to a current report from the Financial Times, and prepares to bring the device to store shelves at some time in 2014 if all goes as planned. This would prove out with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s repeated statements that Apple has a lot of ‘brand-new products’ in the works for the end of this year and throughout next.

2014 can be the year of the smartwatch if Samsung is without a doubt preparing for a release to prepare for, correspond with or quickly follow Apple’s own unveiling. This is a brand-new and reasonably untested market, nevertheless, so first mover advantage will not always carry the day, we will need to wait and see exactly what each business’s design offers the table in regards to generating broad customer appeal for exactly what’s actually so far been the really niche device classification of wearable tech.