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A recent poll recommended that the bulk of Americans support the FBI and even its order to open the iPhone used by San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. While several of those voices could be much less aware of the specifics of the scenario, Apple has the support of the other half of among the survivors of the terrorist assault, which left 14 home owner dead and also 22 others seriously hurt, after he altered his mind over the case.

Salihin Kondoker, whose better half Anies Kondoker was shot 3 times in the attack however stayed clear of the main hall after taking a trip to the bathroom, submitted a pal of the court short home siding with Apple in its disagreement with the FBI, as BuzzFeed first reported. Creating in a letter to Court Sheri Pym, Kondoker, Kondoker explains just how his point of view on the situation transformed when he dove deeper into the longer term effects of the FBI’s order.

“When I initially found out Apple was opposing the order I was annoyed that it would certainly be yet an additional obstruction. However as I review more about their case, I have concerned understand that this software program the federal government desires them to utilize will be made use of against millions of various other innocent home owner. I share their worry,” he writes.

Kondoker likewise makes the point that shooter Syed Farook’s iPhone was had and operated by the County of San Bernardino. That was conventional and “open secret” among all workers, he claims, including his spouse that “did not use [her phone] for individual communication.”

“Why after that would somebody shop vital contacts associated with an assault on a phone they understood the county had accessibility to. They destroyed their individual phones after the attack. As well as I think they did that for a factor,” Kondoker says.

Tim Cook recently called the FBI’s demand to occur software to approve accessibility to the data on the gadget “cooling.” In an extensive interview last week, Prepare lamented the capacity for such a backdoor to obtain right into the incorrect hands and even cause damage to “hundreds of millions” of people.

“We have no sympathy for terrorists,” Cook stated. “We’re not protecting their personal privacy, we’re protecting the civil liberties … and even public safety of everyone else … Occurring that software, it’s so powerful it has the capacity to open various other apples iphone. That is the concern.”

In a earlier editorial, FBI Supervisor James Comey claimed the FBI isn’t really out to create a backdoor or ongoing accessibility to iPhones. Apple claims it has actually provided all the customer data that it carries declare Farook, however Comey recommended that the FBI has a duty to leave no rock unturned in its look for information.

“Maybe the phone holds the hint to finding more terrorists. Maybe it does not. We can not look the survivors in the eye, or our own selves in the mirror, if we do not follow this lead,” he created in lawful blog LawFare.

BuzzFeed has a complete copy of Salihin Kondoker’s letter here.