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Donald Trump and also Bernie Sanders have something alike past being outsider candidates: both want Apple to manufacture its devices in the United States.

During an interview today, Sanders was inquired about Apple and also said that, ‘I do desire they would certainly be manufacturing some of their devices, below, in the United States instead of in China.’

In doing so, he echoes (frequently ridiculed) remarks made by Republican competing Donald Trump, that earlier this year stated that he was, ‘going to get Apple to start building their damn computers as well as things in this nation rather than in other countries.’

In the wake of Trump’s comments, several commentators hurried to aim out the impossibility of Apple manufacturing its gadgets in the United States – varying from lack of manufacturing abilities in the United States to cheaper manufacturing expenses to the plethora of suppliers based in locations like China.

Sanders also told the New York Daily News in his meeting that he wishes Apple ‘would certainly not [attempt] to prevent paying their fair share of tax obligations’ – referencing the duplicated allegations that Apple takes part in tax evasion systems by moving its profits worldwide many thanks to its condition as a multinational.

Apple, for its component, has repeatedly declared that it pays ever cent it owes. During in 2014’s “Inside Apple” episode of 60 Minutes, Tim Cook classified credit reports that Apple doesn’t pay its tax obligations as, “overall political crap.”

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