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An unauthorised app that lets Android users talk on Apple’s closed iMessage network is triggering a big stir. It’s had viral downloads in the 10s of thousands amidst cases that it can be spreading malware, but the Chinese developer who established the app tells us everything is cool.

[TechCrunch has opted not to consist of an associated with the app page due to the fact that of the security concerns]

It’s the current protection scare for Google’s popular mobile os, whose Play establishment in 2012 accounted for 79 % of all smartphone malware – at the same time Apple’s highly safeguarded iOS App Establishment included just.7 % malicious apps.

While the questionable Android-based iMessage app has actually efficiently bridged the messaging gap in between the two inconsistent environments, designer Jay Freeman discovered the app attained this in a fairly unconfident way, that includes processing information on a remote third-party server in China. The doubtful techniques used to send the messages in between the two disconnected platforms aren’t good practice, as well as imply that Apple can’t simply obstruct the app based on its IP address.

‘Clearly, this is suboptimal from a protection perspective,’ Freeman wrote on his Google+ page.

According to the app’s Google Play page, it was launched previously this month by Daniel Zweigart and has actually been downloaded over 10,000 times and attributes 132 one-star reviews – virtually double the quantity of luxury testimonials.

TechCrunch gotten in touch with the designer Huluwa through an email address noted on the internet site, and received a feedback from a Chinese designer, Zengyi, who discussed that Zweigart is a pal who lent him his Google Play account.

Zengyi said the app wasn’t malware and he plans to launch a brand-new version that’ll process information on the phone, including the app needed strong approvals, such as the ability to set up elements in the background, ‘to ensure a message that can be received at any time.’

‘Due to the fact that some info is problem get rid of [sic] in android, so we require a server,’ Zengyi filled in damaged English. ‘Now, I find a way, I think it’ll assist me not make use of server.’

During an iMessage talk (when he utilized his Android gadget) Zengyi stated he plans to make the source code openly available on GitHub.

Freeman stated the developer’s feedbacks on the Google Play page have actually raised more questions than responses.

‘The designer is even reacting to evaluations about login concerns asking only for individual’s Apple IDs, makings it seem like even the authentication should be under his direct control (where it can be logged and debugged given only the username),’ Freeman wrote.

A lengthy conversation on Hacker News flags several safety problems about exactly how the app works, and typically alerts individuals versus entering their Apple individual ID on the app.