I commonly purchase things. In fact, you may call it a pastime of mine. Depending on the kind of stuff I purchase, I am usually entitled to some type of maker guarantee. This applies to apparent products such as the computer system I am making use of today to compose this testimonial, or the iPhone I am using to try the app for testimonial. But warranties, controlled as they might be, are often granted for numerous items such as small home appliances, video games or car parts.

Another product I deal with from time to time are identification numbers for software application investments. Purchasing products from the App Shop and Mac App Store have all however done away with the demand for tracking serial numbers, however there are certainly exceptions on event. Keeping tabs on warranty products and identification numbers is rather important, but is not really a task I wish to reconsider. Serial+ by Enabled Application aims to keep me from having to do so.

It’s Very Secure

When you fire up Serial+ initially, you are propelled to get in a PIN/Passcode. Off the bat it’s evident that Allowed Application places a big value on safety, as you’ll quickly discover that each time you leave the app and return this PIN needs to be entered. If you discover this to be an inconvenience, as I have, you’ll be disappointed to learn that there’s no option to switch off this limitation. While I value the developer’s issues, I ‘d choose having the option to determine whether warranty items and identification numbers have to be defended so strictly.

Make sure to select a PIN you can remember because you'll be locked out if you forget.

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Make sure to pick a PIN you can bear in mind since you’ll be locked out if you forget.

Serial+ permits you to backup your information to Dropbox, and stated details is shielded using of an AES-256 bit encryption. For those not familiar with AES, or encryption in basic, the EE Times specifies that “AES has actually never been broken yet and is safe against any brute force attacks.” Understanding absolutely nothing about file encryption myself, that seems to be the best outcome you can potentially wish for.

Entering Serials & Warranties

After setting your PIN, Serial+ dumps you into the main view, which appears rather vacant initially glance. This is in fact a good thing, due to the fact that there’s little concern in concerns to exactly what steps an individual ought to take next. Tapping the big + icon in the upper-left edge starts the process for getting in a serial number/warranty item, while tapping the huge gear icon in the upper-right edge shifts you to the setups.

All added items are separated by category and displayed in alphabetical order.

All included items are separated by category and showed in alphabetical order.

Entering a serial number/warranty item is a somewhat simple task. When you choose the product kind, you exist a series of fields that you’ll have to fill out. When you complete entering one field, you can often tap the return button to jump to the next, but you’ll be halted when you are needed to get in a date, pick a product classification or include a photo. Speaking of dates, if you get in an acquisition date and length of guarantee Serial+ will immediately enter the expiration date– a small, however useful feature.

Serial+ prompts you to enter a lot of detailed information, which may be useful later on.

Serial+ prompts you to get in a great deal of in-depth info, which may be useful in the future.

I ran into a few rate bumps during this procedure that tossed me for a loop. Some entry industries (e.g. Product Classification, Photo and Purchase Date) do absolutely nothing when you tap them, and it took me a few seconds to understand that a button on the right side should be tapped to proceed. Landing in a bare Add Photos view also needed me to take me a few seconds to understand I needed to tap the + button at the top to being the process– a bit of hand holding from the developers would be useful in this regard.

Certain areas of the app may leave you scratching your head.

Certain areas of the app could leave you scratching your head.

Backups & Exports

When you are utilizing an iOS app of this nature, it’s essential that your data is not trapped on your phone and can be quickly accessed. Serial+ offers a backup and bring back choice utilizing your Dropbox account, but in my experience, it was completely unusable. Enabled Apps declares syncing problems were remedied with the release of version 1.01, which I am currently utilizing, and I am still having problems. Even after carrying out the workaround published in the support section of Enabled Application’ internet site, backing up still did not work. I even attempted unlinking and relinking my Dropbox account, however the problems persisted.

All my attempts for backing up my information were met with this or similar prompts.

All my attempts for backing up my details were met with this or comparable propels.

Exporting your data is a sensible option, which can be done in plain text or CSV format. It only works via email, so sharing to Dropbox or an additional installed app is not an option. What’s unusual, though, is that you can just export serial number data and warranty product information independently. This kind of oddity fits in effectively with the next section.

Exporting your information is the best route to take when needed.

Exporting your information is the best course to take when required.

Interacting With Serial+

Serial+ is a rather basic app, which is ideal for the task is sets out to complete. It sports some clever animations when entering your PIN and making the search field appear, and also includes some very little however very fitting sound impacts. These couple of niceties aside, Serial+ doesn’t feel almost as intuitive as it’s initial guarantee.

For instance, when triggering the search function by swiping down in the main view, the keyboard doesn’t instantly appear so you can start typing. Rather, you are needed to tap the search field to start the procedure. There are also an odd variety of inconsistencies in the UI, mostly handling language. Serials are likewise referred to as software, software item and software application in various menus and views. Also, warranty products are referred to as hardware and various other products.

When in the Include Photo view an Edit button is still allowed and tappable when no photos have been added, when it needs to be grayed out. These may appear like nit particular problems, however frankly it comes off as sloppy design work. Since these are minor problems, nevertheless, they are all quickly fixable and I hope Enabled Application takes the time to do.

The Bottom Line

Serial+ has a very simple objective: to make it simpler for individuals to keep track of their serial numbers and guarantee products so the information is handy when it’s needed. If you were to buy a new product later on today and needed to quickly enter the needed details, this app will enable you to do so. Though categorized as a productivity, it feels more in your home in the energy app classification, which some people are more about to forgive for not being as polished as apps in some various other categories. I am not as forgiving, and think Serial+ can be improved to make the general individual experience more satisfying.

An location that requires a lot of enhancement is ease of access, as the user experience for people that count on VoiceOver is an outright problem. The 2 essential buttons in the app– the add product button and setups button in the primary view– are described merely as ‘button’ when tapped, which ultimately makes the app worthless in this regard.

I strategy to hold on to and make use of Serial+ when the needs arises, due to the fact that I discover that the app’s usefulness outperforms its problems. At $2.99, the app is priced reasonably, and is among couple of apps that offers this service. If you are not rather sold yet, don’t hesitate to have a look at the lite version, which enables you to upgrade within the app if you end up becoming affixed.