Unless you’re on a routine nine-to-five job routine, juggling ever-changing job changes can be a pain. There is, naturally, an application remedy for subjugating this taxing creature, however, which makes your routine very easy to follow.

Shifts is especially made for people which need to handle non-standard routines, such as doctor or manufacturing plant workers who don’t punch the clock on a standard Monday through Friday program. After developing one or more shifts– each with an unique name, icon, and color– including them to a monthly calendar could be carried out just a few taps.

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For hourly workers, Changes can additionally utilize this information to provide a peek at your regular monthly revenues, which is a terrific addition, though it will not help if you’re paid by the task. In that instance, features such as a Today widget in Alert Facility and tips before the begin of a change are still very handy.

The greatest downside is that Shifts is presently an island unto itself– set up shifts are confined to the app as well as can’t be synced with various other schedules, so they will not reveal up on your Mac or COMPUTER. Changes supplies a means to overlay information from schedules currently on your tool (which look like a little dot underneath the date), however simply from one at a time.

The bottom line. Shifts has the possible to be a genuine comfort for employees which do not punch the nine-to-five clock as well as desire a very easy way to track as well as examine their routine, but the failure to sync with other schedule apps is a big limitation.