According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple’s falling market share in China is prompting local electronic devices accessory makers to give even more attention to phones and tablets made by competing Samsung to name a few electronic devices manufacturers. Particularly, the report mentions competitive, feature-rich items from the similarity Samsung along with various cheap phones by various other mobile phone makers.


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A shift to devices from Samsung, Lenovo Group Ltd. and an expanding array of Chinese makers providing cheaper mobile phones is rising costs for those that previously count on the iPad and iPhone, stated Vincent Kwok, chief executive policeman of Guangzhou-based Magic Kingdom, a maker of protective cases. […]

“The market is now approaching Samsung and brand names from China, so we have enlarged our product line,” said Kwok, who’s also added products from Xiaomi and Oppo. “Expanding our product has actually reduced the danger for us. To focus on Apple is too dangerous.”

Bloomberg‘s report comes together with a separate claim mentioning that the iPhone 5S and Apple’s low-cost iPhone 5C are set to launch in China on November 28th, which would likely bring an increase of new iPhone owners in the region. China Mobile, the world’s most significant carrier, as well as one that notably doesn’t hold the iPhone, is said to be in talks with Apple about holding its mobile device with both sides feeling favorable that a deal will take place.

Apple will apparently unveil the next-generation iPhone on September 10, and will likely unveil not only the iPhone 5S but likewise the lower-cost plastic iPhone 5C. Both gadgets are likewise rumored to launch in the first wave of markets on September 20.