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A brand-new Kickstarter campaign from San Antonio-based Ubertronix, Inc. aims to turn your Android smartphone into a wireless trigger for your DSLR. The task follows others that provide comparable gadgets, however this one, the creation of Josiah Leverich, who started Ubertronix a little over a year ago to construct camera remote hardware, has some unique aspects, including a way to utilize your smartphone as a lightning sensor for catching remarkable storm pictures.

Ubertronix started as a way for Leverich to develop and market his Strike Finder camera trigger product, which is a dedicated piece of hardware that features inbuilt sensors to assist catching high-speed photography, and lightning specifically. The ShutterBox is an extension of that tech, which features a hot shoe-mounted receiver box that connects wirelessly with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth. It utilizes the phone’s inbuilt sensors for triggering automatic shutter activation, including light sensors for lightning, in addition to motion detection for capturing wildlife or other movement-based occasions.

The ShutterBox can also be made use of as a standard wireless remote for triggering single shots, time lapse, bursts of exposures and more. It’s even developed to be able to deal with multiple slave systems for capture across several cameras at the same time, or for triggering remote flashes in a studio setting.

The concept behind ShutterBox is to using the devices currently in individuals’ hands rather of making them purchase and learn brand-new proprietary hardware. The ShutterBox receiver will still cost you $199 as a pre-order (or $249 retail), but since a great deal of its functions are app-based, there’s ample potential for later capacity renovations and expansion.

Ubertronix has actually currently made hardware in the past, and has currently penned an arrangement with a Texas-based business to develop the PCBs required for the ShutterBox. It’s got a wide range of camera compatibility, and the start-up is only looking for $25,000 in preliminary financing with an initial target ship date of June 2013. More cameras are including Wi-Fi remote functions built-in, like the Canon 6D, but if the ShutterBox can really take advantage of smartphone sensors in addition to it declares to be able to, that’d include substantially to the value of a remote trigger app.